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Learning how to get background blur in your photos

We Love… {Week Three}

This week our students bravely switched their cameras out of auto when we studied aperture, one of the three elements of exposure in photography and crucial to getting that blurry background that everybody loves. Students were amazed and delighted when they discovered they could finally control the blur, which helps to take their images to […]

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We Love… {Week Two}

Week two saw our students learning to recognise good light and how best to render it so that it flatters their subject. I was blown away by so many of the images the students submitted after spending their week practicing. Here are some of our favourite images from Week Two, I think you’ll agree they’re […]

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Student Images from Composition Lesson

We Love… {Week One}

One of the things I love about running our online photography courses is the excitement I feel when our beginner photographers have “aha!” moments while practicing the challenge from a lesson. Knowing I helped them get to that point is extremely satisfying! All our students are doing a fabulous job with their lessons and challenges, […]

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How to: Sparkly Eyes

Everyone wants to know how to make eyes sparkle when processing photos. The thing is, capturing real sparkle in camera is such an easy thing to achieve there’s no reason why we should be doing it as part of our post processing! It’s all about the light! Soft Light at 45 Degrees When photographing a […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

This month I’m taking part in a blogging challenge & scarily we were encouraged to write one blog post a day! The first challenge was to share 10 facts with you, so here goes….. 1. Today is my Birthday! I was going to tell you about how I was lovingly referred to as a ‘Birthday Whore’.. but my husband […]

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How to Focus Accurately

This simple technique is one of THE ‘ah-hah’ moments that our students rave about during our courses as really changing their images! Now who hasn’t been in this situation before… You spot a photo worthy moment, you run for the camera, frame the shot…and the camera keeps attempting to focus on something other than what […]

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