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8 Tips to Create Art using Lens Distortion

  Wide angle lenses are the queens of distortion! They will stretch, elongate, and generally exaggerate the size of objects through the viewfinder. The cause of the distortion is that the lens is shaped in a way that allows it to include more in the frame than the eye naturally sees…  it squeezes in extra […]

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8 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Photos

1. Find the Light Light is the big kahuna of photography, and we simply can’t write an article about improving photography without mentioning light. There is no faking great light or fixing it after the fact. Light (or the lack thereof) will play a big role in whether your shot comes out as you intended (or hoped).  And […]

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Posing Guide for Beautiful Family Portraits

  As you start to master the basics of photography, the next step to improving your photography and taking your images next level, is by paying close attention to the details that will elevate your images to looking more professional. In this post we’ve put together some simple posing suggestions and details that you can […]

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