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Which DSLR Camera Should I Buy?

“I’m buying a new camera, what would you recommend?”. This would have to be the number one question I’m asked at Click Love Grow! It’s exciting right? Getting your first DSLR or upgrading to something a little more serious! But its hard to know where to look for info about the camera that would suit you best! […]

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What lens should I buy next?

The Winner Is…

  Thank You for Entering!!   Winner is… Little hands and button nose cheeky smiles and tiny toes! Favourite books & that special toy creating lasting memories of my children to enjoy! Congrats Ann-Maree, I’ll be in touch this week to arrange delivery of your new lens!      

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Natural Light for Food Photography

Great product photos are filled with light.   Soft natural light is easy to use & will help show off & flatter your dishes for great images!  Check out these tips for finding your own soft light to take gorgeous shots! 1.  Seek out areas with soft (non-direct) light from windows and doorways, or set […]

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What Lens Should I Use?

When it comes to lenses, there are so many choices.   It can be totally overwhelming when deciding what’s the best lens for the job, and which one will help you achieve the look that you desire in your photography. But firstly, if you’re still undecided about whether to buy a new camera or new […]

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Starting out in Macro Photography

  Macro Photography Macro photography is extreme close up photography, that allows you to reproduce very small objects at 1:1 ratio minimum… which is very fun, and reveals a beautiful world of things we wouldn’t normally see. Today’s guest post from Award Winning Tasmanian Newborn & Maternity Photographer Peta Nikel who creates beautiful macro images. Peta shares with us […]

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Create a Feature Photo Wall

What do you do with your photos at home?   Do you have them proudly on show throughout your home, or are they tucked away on a hard drive somewhere, forgotten about because the mere thought of wading through thousands of photos fills you with dread? (will post my solution to this soon…) At present I’m […]

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