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Starting out in Macro Photography

  Macro Photography Macro photography is extreme close up photography, that allows you to reproduce very small objects at 1:1 ratio minimum… which is very fun, and reveals a beautiful world of things we wouldn’t normally see. Today’s guest post from Award Winning Tasmanian Newborn & Maternity Photographer Peta Nikel who creates beautiful macro images. Peta shares with us […]

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Create a Feature Photo Wall

What do you do with your photos at home?   Do you have them proudly on show throughout your home, or are they tucked away on a hard drive somewhere, forgotten about because the mere thought of wading through thousands of photos fills you with dread? (will post my solution to this soon…) At present I’m […]

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Capturing Starbursts

This weekend we’re celebrating Australia Day and enjoying that last taste of summer freedom before school goes back next week! A simple and fun way to add an element of summer to photos is with a starburst shot, where you see the beautifully formed rays of the sun streaming across the image. Check out the […]

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Rule of Thirds

So you’ve probably heard of the Rule of Thirds, but you may be wondering what is the best way to use it to create beautiful photos! The Rule of Thirds is the most commonly known ‘rule’ in photography, and its a compositional tool, or technique, which we can use to compose an image where the goal is […]

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