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Documenting Childhood – The Ultimate Photography Guide {by Morvern Shaw}

Photographer’s child syndrome… the struggle is real! It’s all fun and games when we first start taking photos of our own kids, but they grow weary of our camera way too quickly! But there is a way around it… documentary photography. I love this style for capturing children for a few reasons. It ensures we […]

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The Golden Hour {Beach Photography by Merissa Wakefield}

Shooting on the beach can give even the most seasoned photographers a shiver of fear (this one included!). Regardless of where you are in the world, universally most beaches will present light challenges, a lack of open shade, and sand in your camera! But Merissa Wakefield, who graduated only this year (true story!!) from our […]

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The Surprising Room in your House for Beautiful Portraits

It’s your Bathroom!! Does this sound familiar? You’re itching to take some portraits of the kids, miserable weather outdoors, and the indoor light echoes the weather outdoors… dark, dreary and shadowy. In your hunt for good light in a good room… I bet your bathroom wasn’t on your radar! But do you have a lovely […]

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