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Featured Graduate {Justine Eacott}

Justine Eacott lives in a coastal town in the wheat belt region of Western Australia, an area that is always bustling with tourists. Justine graduated from our Advanced Photography Course at the end of 2016, and we had a chat to her about all things photography!


Q. How did you feel about photography prior to taking the Click Love Grow Advanced Photography Course?

I’ve ALWAYS been creative and thought one day I would like to get into Photography. I dabbled a lot in automatic mode and different subjects until I had my first baby in 2012.

Then my camera was always with me as I constantly took photos of the new baby. I thought they looked wonderful at the time but they were really quite bad haha! So I developed a bit of a drive to learn more about photography and really got quite passionate about it. I tried to learn as much as I could from books and online resources, but it wasn’t until I took the Click Love Grow course that I really noticed my improvement.

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Q. How has your photography improved the most since you began?

I’ve noticed that I hardly need to do any editing any more because I’m getting the photo right in camera, SO AWESOME.

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Q. Did you experience any “aha!” moments that helped improve your photography?

In one of the lessons Lou says if you adjust a stop of one setting you need to compensate by adjusting another setting in the opposite direction to get the same exposure. I kind of had an idea about how manual worked but when Lou explained that, I’m pretty sure a major light bulb went off in my brain!

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Q. What’s your biggest photography goal that you’ve set for yourself, and have you reached it yet?

My biggest photography goals would be running a successful and busy photography business, branching out from photographing just kids and having paying clients. I’m half way there, I have a few paying customers and have been asked for my work by my locals schools and businesses.

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Q. What genre of photography do you enjoy the most and why do you enjoy it?

Families and children, especially children. I love the candid shots, the unposed and raw style of siblings playing, families being with each other. It really moves me.

My own children are great little inspirations and usually quite happy to let me take their photo. Otherwise there’s a few photographers I seriously admire on Instagram.

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Before & After Click Love Grow

This photo was of my first baby when I thought I was really getting the hang of my camera… I was so wrong haha!

Q. Do you have a favourite lens or other piece of equipment? Why do you love it?

My favorite lens currently is my Canon 100mm 2.8 L Macro.

That thing is AMAZING and it’s versatile in that I can also use it for portraits! My second favourite would be my Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 that’s recently come into my collection.

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 Q. What was your favourite aspect of the Click Love Grow Photography Course?

Probably the way Lou teaches the course, she explained things REALLY well and had live sessions to ask questions about anything we didn’t understand.

It was so user friendly.

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Ready to take control of your camera and take beautiful photos?

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