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Shooting with Magical Light

Did you know at Click Love Grow our courses don’t end with the last lesson?

Once our students graduate, they get to join our amazing graduates group. We’re so proud of our community, which not only gives our grads a safe and positive space to continue their learning and enjoy the support and inspiration of like minded women… it has also been the birth place of many strong friendships that have spilled over into the real world.

Each fortnight we run a themed photo challenge, and the most recent was Magical Light.

We’d love to share all the fabulous entries, but in this instance that would mean uploading 98 photos!

So here’s a tiny handful… gorgeous aren’t they? Check out our technical tips too!

Dana Whitley

Megan O’Donnell

Expert tip:
A pocket of light in an otherwise dark area is a perfect place to put your subject, as they will really pop off the dark surroundings.

Speaking of finding light, everyone has one of these, and it’s the perfect solution to shooting inside dark homes.



Laura Everitt

Anna Menendez

Expert tip:
Like this starburst effect? Wanna have a go? Head here for the recipe!



Caroline Thomas

Expert tip:
See those tiny circles of light forming a stunning backdrop in Caroline’s portrait?

Want to know how to get that look?

Even if you have a basic DSLR with kit lens, you can create bokeh too.



Kristen Gurney

Expert tip:
We often talk about using soft light to create flattering portraits, but that doesn’t mean hard light is the enemy!

But use it mindfully, like Kristen has done here by using the hard light shadows for a creative image.

Len Castro

Expert tip:
More gorgeous hard light shadows, and this time free lensed to boot!

If you want to try this creative and (some will say) addictive shooting technique, our grad Toni Laws is all over it. Read here!


Merissa Wakefield

Mimi Ghisellini

Expert tip:
To avoid the dreaded blur in action shots, a fast shutter speed is the key!

For a shot like this, we’d suggest a shutter speed of no slower than 1/500 depending on how fast they’re bouncing!

If you want to learn how to control your shutter speed, read this.



Molly Lenarz

Expert tip:
For this kind of shot, focus on something closer to you than the lights, and use a wide open aperture (small f stop number).

Want to create a shot like this or a twinkle light portrait?

This tutorial breaks down what settings to use, how to set up with pull back shots!



Samantha Barrow

Tonya M Backes

Expert tip:
For some really magical light, try shooting in the golden hour.

That is, the time of day just after sunrise and just before sunset.

The sun is really low in the sky and the horizon acts as a diffuser to soften the sun’s rays and often gives a gorgeous golden hue.

If these magical light images have inspired you to want to learn more, head here for a post that will feed your soul with creative ways to use natural light.


Morvern Shaw

Expert tip:
A fun creative shot to try is a sunrise or sunset silhouette like this stunning shot!

And you’re not limited to people, or the golden hour. Head here for the how and what, with settings but of course!!


Naomi Sherman

This was our winning shot! Gorgeous huh?

Naomi is the queen of the food photo in our grad group. Just sayin’.


Like those tips? If you want more, including how to master your DSLR in manual mode, learn the fundamentals of light, and how to create strong and engaging compositions (and so, so much more!), our next Enthusiast Photography Course is starting soon!

Head here to register!

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