Business & Blogging PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE

Enhance your brand, show off your wares

& increase your fans, followers & sales!

Let's chat about your website...

Do your photos online genuinely reflect YOU, your business and your brand?

Or do they feel sterile & impersonal because you've used stock imagery that doesn't quite suit, and you don't have time to trawl for the perfect shot.

Or do they let your products down because of poor quality?

You could hire a professional photographer to take your product photos every time. However, you'd be spending anywhere between $400 and $2k (and up) for a single website!

Can you imagine how much easier it would be if you could take your own beautiful photos to accompany a blog post or to share your latest creation on Instagram.

You know, one of the most challenging aspects of online business …is simply getting noticed!

We have mere moments online to make a lasting impression, and yet how we present ourselves visually is critical to the success of our business!

In fact how much someone trusts our company and wants to do business with us… is based overwhelmingly on the overall aesthetic of our online brand!

And 94%... of a customer’s overall first impression of our business… is based on the design aesthetic they experience when they arrive!

Having your own collection of personally branded images to use online

Proudly showing off your products with professional quality photos

Feeling confident to capture photography for your own clients; adding additional value (& revenue!) to your business!

Learn Exactly How to Take your Images from Blergh..... to AMAZING!

Because let's be honest, have you ever taken a photo that in your mind looks amazing....

But instead comes out looking like this?

Ditch the #photoshame - We've all been there!

Learning photography is easier than you think. With the right skills, you can take photos exactly as you imagined!

Vicki O'dell-Fontana

I thoroughly enjoyed the Click Love Grow Business for Photography course and learnt a LOT.

I took the course because I wanted to learn how to use my DSLR properly as well as take better photos of my products. I use my camera on manual setting all the time now and know what to do to get the photo I want!

I’m so happy to be part of the Click Love Grow Community.

Vicki O'dell-Fontana, Vicki Elle

Over our six week course you’ll unlock pro techniques to elevate your photography. With a new module released every week, you’ll be tasked with hands-on challenges to put into practice your new skills AND to create content and imagery ready to share online, straight away!

The course features:

6 weekly lessons, broken down into the topics and skill-areas that will make the most difference to your images, fast!

Hands-on photo challenges to ensure the concepts take root and allow you to start creating fresh imagery and content for your website straight away.

Membership in our student community & access to instructors – to ask questions, get feedback on your images, and be part of valuable discussion on all things photography!

Screen recordings of post-processing techniques. You’ll be able to watch the exact way I enhance my professional photos for the finished effect so they're ready to share online!

Lisa White

Thanks to Louise's Click Love Grow course, I am no longer afraid of all the buttons on our DSLR.

The course was a fantastic investment.  I've made an ebook for my naturopathic clinic, I take photos for my social media pages, newsletters and blog posts. I can honestly say I learned everything I wanted to learn when I signed up for it and more.

It's amazing how much we all learned over such a short period of time. I'd recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to use their DSLR.

Lisa White, Alternative Chef Kitchen

#1 - Composition, Colour & Light

Ever wondered why some photos just ‘work’, and others don’t? We’re going to dive straight into how to frame a shot for maximum impact. You’ll learn how to shoot with creativity and purpose, so that your images tell a story and truly capture the moment.

#2 – Aperture & Focus

Puzzled by the aperture settings on your camera? Unsure about depth of field? This is where we’ll master the basics of focal length, shooting for effect, and making your images ‘pop’. You’ll also learn how to control what part of your image people are immediately drawn to (which gives you incredible creative advantage as a photographer).

#3 - Shutter Speed

Say goodbye to blurry, unclear images. When you know how to regulate your shutter speed, you’ll be able to take crisp, clean shots every time. You’ll also learn how to create amazing special effects through short and long exposure.  This is the final piece in understanding how to control your settings in manual mode.

#4 – Product & Portrait Photography

You'll discover exactly how to set-up and light your product and portrait photography.  From all white light boxes, to natural head shots inside and out, and capturing selfies that are high quality and flattering!

#5 – Editing, Workflow & Creating Graphics

Watch as I teach you how to edit your images, and prepare them for sharing online.  Plus you'll discover how to use your images to create unique and custom graphics and templates for your social media and website.

#6 – Storytelling & Content Marketing with Photos

Use your photography to create interesting and engaging content for your blog and social media, that will allow you to build relationships with your audience and lift your online profile.


Fast Action Bonuses!

Oh how we love a bonus & these fabulous extra modules are designed to compliment your photography lessons so far and give you that extra boost so you know exactly what the experts in the industry are doing it... so you can do it too!
Total Bonus Value = $600 +

Bonus #1 - Instagram Training (Value $97)

The girls from Dotti Media know their stuff when it comes to managing social media, and they're revealing exactly what strategies you should be using to grow an engaged Instagram following.   This is not your average '10 tips for Instagram'.  You'll receive a  mapped out strategy that Dotti Media use in managing their own clients!

Bonus #2 - Professional Styling Chat (Value $97)

Professional stylist Cassandra Huett, shares her insider secrets that she's used for styling food, fashion and homewares for big name Australian clients such as Coles, Myer, Bonds and Priceline.

Bonus #3 - Pro Video with your DSLR (Value $167)

Now you have the fancy camera, I'll take you backstage to share my video set-up, so you can start creating your own online videos!  You'll get to see my lighting, recording and editing set-up. PLUS you'll learn how to use your DSLR for recording high quality, professional videos that will save you BIG $!

PLUS - Our Lightroom Editing Course

(Valued at $160)

Hi! I’m Lou Glendon - the face (and lens!) behind Click Love Grow.

Eight years ago, I was a complete photography & business newbie. But when my eldest daughter was born, I was so excited to capture all those amazing moments, I bought myself a fancy camera and started snapping away!

Thanks to my newfound love, I left my 13 year career in the Australian Air Force to start my own business as a professional boudoir photographer. I loved the idea of working creatively for myself, and as a new mum I was excited to have control over my own schedule.

If photography is my first passion, my second is helping women to take photos they love and to use that skill to market themselves online, creatively and authentically!  This course delivers the best of both worlds!  Allowing you to create beautiful imagery to stand out online and grow your business.

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Are you ready to up-level your photography skills & increase your engagement online?

In this course, you get access to all my expert insights and experience to learn photography quickly, and start taking beautiful high quality images to use in your business!

Your investment: All of the above – including lifetime access to all training resources, participation in our creative community and access to instructors for questions & feedback.

Only US$697



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We are really proud of this course. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy. If you complete the first lesson and feel that our course isn’t right for you, then we are more than happy to offer you a full refund. Simply send us an email within 14 days of the course start date (don’t forget to attach your homework from module one, so we know you’ve given it a go) and we’ll give you your money back. It’s our guarantee that you’ll love the content and format of the course – not to mention, the snap-happy results!

Melinda McQueen

I took the Click Love Grow Business & Blogging Photography Course at the start of 2015,  and learnt how to use my DSLR, to take better photos of my kids but also create my own blog post and website images.

Click Love Grow has really unlocked a secret passion of photography from within me.

Melinda McQueen, A Beaut Home

Do I need a DSLR to complete this course? +

If you have a DSLR - Awesome!

If you want to buy a DSLR - we have a handy guide that can help you!

AND if you don't have a DSLR then you'll still love this course!

Any camera that lets you adjust the aperture and shutter speed settings will be great. It’s worth pointing out – this course is NOT about getting you to buy fancy equipment or fifteen different lenses. We teach you to work with what you’ve got, and make the most of your camera’s features.

I'm not sure whether to do the Business or the Enthusiast Photography Course as I also want to take photos of my family? +

Great question!  When you take our Biz & Blogging Course you ALSO receive all the content from the Enthusiast Photography Courses. So you won’t miss out on anything, and you'll still be able to learn how to take beautiful photos of your kids and family in addition to photos for your business!

My life is a little frantic sometimes, what if I fall behind on the weekly assignments? +

Don’t worry – there’s no such thing as falling behind! Once you’ve got access to the course material, you can continue to jump back in as often as you need to go over the lessons or refresh your skills. The weekly assignments are critiqued every week, but it doesn’t matter which lesson you’re up to.

I’m a real beginner – I can barely turn my camera on. Is this course right for me? +

Absolutely! The aim of this course is to walk you through the entire process of understanding your camera and taking great photos, right from the basics. Remember, you can go through the content as many times as you like until you feel confident with all features and settings. By the end of the course, you’ll be wrangling your camera like a pro!

Will I always have access to the content? +

Yes!  Once we complete the course you will have lifetime access to all the content and materials from the course, so you can go back and refer at any time!

I've taken other photography classes and feel quite comfortable with my settings, will I still get value from this course? +

Yes!  Not only does our course revise all the settings if you’re pretty ok with them, but we go into detail on how they work together, and give you techniques to apply in lots of different lighting and shooting scenarios!  We also prompt you with very hands on challenges to simply get out there and start taking photos… which is always the key to improving!