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My Journey to Here

Today’s post is 2-fold! I’ve had lots of people asking recently about how I got started in photography, and about my journey to here… so I wanted to share! And seccondly, I’ve noticed a lot of conversations amongst our students that one of the biggest challenges they’re facing… it’s not what shutter speed to choose… but the curse […]

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Large Group Photography Tips

Lately we’ve been focusing on helping you improve your portrait photography, and one of the ways we can do that, is by creating the beautiful ‘background blur’. It’s a great effect that helps your subjects pop from the background, and when shooting in manual it’s the wide open aperture (low f stop number) that allows us achieve this. […]

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Why are my photos blurry?

Have you ever wonder why sometimes your photos are tack sharp… and then other times they’re a bit soft and blurry? Or something in the image was sharp… but it wasn’t your subject? There are quite a few reasons why our photos can be blurry and understanding why it’s happening will help you ensure you get […]

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portrait photography for beginners

We Love {Week Six}

This week is always exciting as we give our students the key ingredients needed to photograph a beautiful, flattering and engaging portrait. With heads filled with their newfound knowledge of the fundamentals of lighting, posing, composition, camera settings and locations, our students all produced fabulous portrait images. We’re so proud of the portraits this week! Leave […]

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Better Results at High ISO

As we learn more about photography, we realise that higher ISOs can be something to be wary of. You either avoid shooting inside on grey dreary days, or reluctantly pump up ISO the 1600-2000 to compensate, cringing the whole time because you know how grainy the image will be, when what you really wanted was an image that’s light, bright and crisp! And […]

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