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Documenting Childhood – The Ultimate Photography Guide {by Morvern Shaw}

Photographer’s child syndrome… the struggle is real! It’s all fun and games when we first start taking photos of our own kids, but they grow weary of our camera way too quickly! But there is a way around it… documentary photography. I love this style for capturing children for a few reasons. It ensures we […]

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Large Group Photography Tips

Lately we’ve been focusing on helping you improve your portrait photography, and one of the ways we can do that, is by creating the beautiful ‘background blur’. It’s a great effect that helps your subjects pop from the background, and when shooting in manual it’s the wide open aperture (low f stop number) that allows us achieve this. […]

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macro photography for beginners

Feature Student – Where Are They Now? {Melissa Macklin}

Click Love Grow Advanced Grad Melissa Macklin shared her story with us last year, about how photography helped her find joy during a personally difficult period in her life, so we were thrilled to catch up with her again recently to hear how photography has continued to play a big role in her life! Melissa is not only fabulous […]

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Why are my photos blurry?

Have you ever wonder why sometimes your photos are tack sharp… and then other times they’re a bit soft and blurry? Or something in the image was sharp… but it wasn’t your subject? There are quite a few reasons why our photos can be blurry and understanding why it’s happening will help you ensure you get […]

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dslr manual mode for beginners

We Love {Week Six}

It’s portrait week on our Enthusiast Photography Course! Our students were given a brief, and of course they had to shoot it in manual mode to keep practicing their newly acquired skills. The amazing shots in the challenge album prove they’re really mastering their DSLRs, which has given them complete control to create images as […]

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dslr photography courses online

We Love {Week Five}

As we enter the second part of our latest course, our Enthusiast Photography Students are now shooting in full manual mode after learning how shutter speed and aperture affects their photos! Week to week we’re blown away when we see the evidence of fundamental skills learned, as every student’s work gets better and better. These […]

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