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Try This – Confetti Photos



Blowing Confetti

I’ve always wanted to try confetti photos!  They’re fun, whimsical, colourful and I knew my kids would love it!  The end result I was going for was my daughter softly blowing the confetti towards the camera, and I think we nailed it!

You should totally give this a go!  Share your results on instagram and tag @clicklovegrow

So what you’ll need:

  • Your Camera
  • Confetti (I used coloured circles)
  • A plain background/wall (I used background paper colour – thundergrey)

confetti photos tutorial


The Set-up:

So admittedly I had to give this a few goes so that I could get the look I was going for.  At first I used a wide open aperture but realised if I did that then confetti would all be out of focus blobs… so I closed it down to f/4.  I also needed to use a pretty high shutter speed so that I could capture some of the confetti, and with those two requirements I needed lots of light! Being winter I stayed inside and relied on a window, so my ISO was up to 1600.

I set-up in front of a large window and used my thundergrey backdrop as I knew the colour would pop against it.  (If it hadn’t of been so cold outside I would have used a plain wall in our foyer with the door open to let in light, or my patio wall outside.)

fb sharing-20


Be Prepared for…

I discovered I needed to tweak a few things

  • Shutter speed too slow, blurred confetti
  • Aperture too wide, focus fell on pieces of confetti and subject out of focus
  • Exposure too high, highlights blown on pieces on confetti as they hit the light & colour lost
  • A few times the confetti concealed my daughters face…
  • And a few times she didn’t have enough and the effect didn’t work!

My final Settings were: ISO: 1600 ~ SS: 1/500s ~ Aperture: f/4.0
I cropped in Lightroom, increased exposure by a touch, increased blacks a smidge and added a little vibrancy to bring out the colours.

Now, let’s be real… 

How many photos did I take? Yikes, probably a hundred… but hey, that’s half the fun!

Lucy and I had a blast and I know you will too!

confetti photos


Share your Results!

Have a go at out ‘Try This’ & share your finish product with us or look for inspiration on instagram and tag #CLGtrythis #confettiphoto #clgphotochallenge so we can all have a peek!

Have fun!

Lou Xx

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3 Responses to Try This – Confetti Photos

  1. Melissa E Earle February 8, 2016 at 3:41 pm #

    Great post! Loved the information and how cute these photos turned out!!

    How did you blow the confetti? Did someone drop it? Or did the little girl blow it from her hands? Or both?

    Did you have your camera on a trips or were you hand holding it?
    Thanks so much! Cheerio, Mee

    • LouiseGlendon February 8, 2016 at 8:53 pm #

      Thanks Melissa!

      Yes so she blew them herself, and it took a few goes and me explaining to do it softly, but high enough that it blew towards the camera.. and all handheld, as I am too lazy to set my tripod up!

      Another shot we did a few times was her throwing the confetti in the air, it fell in a cool way around her and was fun!

  2. Jenna Fullagar January 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm #

    Hi, what focus setting did you use please?

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