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We Love Blurry Backgrounds

It was a very exciting week as our students took the first step towards using their cameras in manual mode!

Lesson three in our Enthusiast Photography Course is all about aperture, which is one of the three elements of exposure, and we need to understand those elements in order to shoot in manual mode. Aperture is responsible for those blurry backgrounds we all love and strive for!

It’s always a challenge to take that first step, but it’s exciting to discover you can control the look of your images! Our student’s challenge was to produce two images, one with a blurry background and one with everything in focus.

We’re sharing a handful of their incredible photos to show you they totally nailed it!

how to get blurry backgrounds

Alice Marlopz

how to get background blur

Angela Legaspi

how does aperture work

Angela Nicolle

photography lessons for beginners online

Cheryl Catton

Sarah Stainhope

dslr manual mode

Clare Passmore

photography for beginners

Debra O’Flaherty

online photography lessons

Ellen Chaplin

photography lessons online

Erika June

online photography classes

Jess Kammerud

how to shoot in manual mode

Joanna Garrett

beginners dslr photography

Kylie Sutherland

get out of auto

Michelle Finch

how to use a dslr in manual

Rebekah Taylor Pittman



If you’re ready to get out of auto mode too, head on over here to find out when our next course starts!



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