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We Love Gorgeous Light {Lesson Two}

Good light and using it correctly is key to gorgeous photos, and we teach our students exactly that in Lesson Two of our Enthusiast Photography Course!

We explain how to recognise good light, where to find it, and how to place their subject in relation to that light in a way that will best flatter their subject.

Then we set them a fun challenge to help solidify their newfound knowledge. The brief required them to photograph food in soft light, placing it in a way that would create depth, whilst also considering the compositional techniques we taught them in lesson one.

Here are a handful of our favourite images from week two, we think they did an amazing job!

light in photography for beginners

Trudi Jensen

how to use natural light in photography

Maxine Dunsford

Dee McMahon

beginners food photography

Belinda Smart

beginners photography lessons

Dawn Haley Laughlin

light for beginners

Pam Telfer

natural light photography for beginners

Rachel Martin

beginners photography courses online

Catherine Long

natural light photography

Ruth Arkins

beginners light in photos

Samantha Whittome-Ward

how to recognise good light

Suzie Bell


We’ll be sharing a handful of our favourites every week as our course progresses, to celebrate our students’ progress. If you’d also like to start improving your photography and take photos you love – check out our Free 7 Day Photography Challenge that you can jump into straight away!




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