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We Love Our Graduates!

It’s graduation time!! Our latest Enthusiast Photography Course has just finished up, and we’re so proud of our students! They now have complete control over their DSLRs, they know how to find good light, how to use it, and how to compose their shots with purpose to create beautiful photos!

This is the time when we ask them to reflect on how far they’ve come, by sharing a before and after the course images, and it’s pretty exciting to see their amazing transformations!

We loved their work and we look forward to welcoming them into our graduate group where we know they’ll achieve more and more in their photographic journey with the help of their new Click Love Grow friends!

Congrats to all our latest grads!! xo

how can I use my dslr in manual

Kylie Ruscoe

learn how to take better photos

Kylie Sutherland

how to photograph kids

Madi McNamara

online photography courses

Linda Levin

how to find natural light

Sabrina King-Taylor

online photography lessons for beginners

Whitney Lannie Villanueva

how to control shutter speed

Lindsay Higgins

what is the exposure triangle

Venera Bogdanova

how to take better photos

Julianne Peter

beginners photography lessons online

Sarah Stainthorpe

how to get blurry backgrounds

Sonia Ragusa

why are my photos blurry

Debi Voltz Zegarra

how to shoot in manual mode

Erika June

easy photography lessons

Jesikah Lee

dslr photography online

Kerri Tom

what is manual mode

Debra O’Flaherty



Ready to take your photos from snapshot to stunning? Our next Enthusiast Photography Course is firing up again in January, so head over here and jump on our wait list and we’ll let you know the second doors open for registration.

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