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We Love Shooting in Manual Mode

This week we celebrate our students shooting in full manual mode after learning (in easy and fun bite sized chunks) how to use shutter speed, aperture and ISO to control the exposure and effect of their images.

Their lesson challenge was to bring all their new manual shooting skills together and create an image that gets in close, keeping in mind all they learned about light and composition as well in earlier lesson.

At this point there is always a noticeable advancement in their skills as they produce more and more beautiful work, and these are just a few of the gorgeous shots from this week.

Let us know what you think?

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Laura Boyer

Debra O’Flaherty

dslr photography for beginners

Ellen Chaplin

shoot in manual mode

Alice Marlopz

dslr manual mode

Jesikah Lee

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Venera Bogdanova

learning dslr photography online

Naomi Billings

online photography courses for women

Madi McNamara

online photography courses

Lisa Jay

dslr photography for beginners

Kylie Sutherland

online photography courses for beginners

Lindsay Higgins

dslr manual photography for beginners

Jess Cichowicz

how to shoot in manual mode

Cally Jennings


If you’re ready to take control of your DSLR, you can read all about our Enthusiast Photography Course over here…





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