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We Love Shutter Speed

Students had a fantastic time this week! The lesson was all about shutter speed, which is one of the three elements of exposure and is crucial for eliminating the unwanted blur we get when we use our cameras in auto.

The challenges gave our students some fun things to try to either freeze or capture motion, to help develop their skills shooting in manual mode.

I love that when our students were practicing the challenges that are designed to help them understand how shutter speed affects their shot, that they still managed to think creatively to produce shots that are pleasing to the eye.

Check out some of the amazing images from the challenges…

manual mode on dslr

Jess Kammerud

how to photograph water

Chloe Silk

understand shutter speed

Christine Tolton

photography courses online for beginners

Clare Passmore

how to use manual mode

Debra O’Flaherty

manual settings on dslr

Erika Kangas

learn shutter speed

Jillian Martin

shutter speed for beginners

Angela Nicolle

photography for beginners

Joanna Garrett

online photography lessons

Kylie Sutherland

dslr photography lessons online

Lindsay Higgins

shutter speed

Renee Beccari

how does shutter speed work

Sabrina King-Taylor

dslr photography for beginners

Sacha Knobel

how to use a camera in manual

Sonia Ragusa

why are my images blurry

Venera Bogdanova

how to fix blurry photos

Whitney Lannie Villanueva


If you want to learn how to take control of your DSLR, head here to find out when our next Enthusiast Photography Course kicks off…






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