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We Love Thoughtful Compositions

Hello! It’s exciting times as another Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course kicked off last week!

Our first lesson as always, is composition. This is where students learn how to purposely take more eye catching photos armed with a knowledge of proven compositional techniques.

All our students did such a fabulous job with their challenge photos, and I think sharing their work each week is a great way to show how beneficial our course is…after all, the proof is in the pudding!

What do you think, aren’t they doing an amazing job already?

Angela Legaspi

Jess Kammerud

Joanna Garrett

Kelly Barta

Kimberly Luybli

Kylie Sutherland

Laura Boyer

Lesley Rapson

Lindsay Higgins

Lisa Rogers

Lynne Catherine Rees

Rachel Jayne

Sarah Fronczek

Sarah Stainthorpe

Whitney Lannie Villanueva

Jesikah Lee

Debra O’Flaherty

Clare Passmore


If you want to get your camera out of auto mode and start taking photos you love, our next course starts in January, and you can read all about it over here!



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