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We Love {Week Four}

This week our students had fun getting creative!

Shutter speed is one of the three elements of exposure and we use it to control light, and to eliminate motion blur in our images.

In this lesson our students are set some fun challenges which are designed to teach them how to use shutter speed to freeze or capture motion. It not only gave them the opportunity to continuing practicing in manual mode, but also helped them come up with some creative images they could never have produced using their cameras in auto!

Here are just a handful of our favourites from the challenges.

what does shutter speed do

Autumn Robertson

manual setting on dslr camera

Teigan Prutti

learn dslr photography online

Stacey Smith

learning dslr photography

Nards Glann

how to use a dslr

Melissa Fardell

manual photography for beginners

Kirsty Roberts

use a dslr in manual

Kira Morris

using a dslr in manual

Jodie Lowen

manual settings on dslr

Ayshea King

manual mode

Carla Connolly

shoot in manual mode

Diane Nicolson

shooting in manual

Heidi Talic

learn shutter speed for beginners

Alicia Smith

learning shutter speed

Amy-Lee Power

how to use shutter speed

Ashlee Sykes

how to shoot on manual settings

Jennifer Cole

how to shoot in manual mode

Jen Radford

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