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We Love {Week Three}

The only way to create the photos you imagine in your mind’s eye is to take full control of your DSLR and shoot in manual mode… and that’s what Lesson 3 of our Enthusiast Photography Course is all about!

This week our students took that first brave step and switched their cameras out of auto when we studied aperture, one of the three elements of exposure in photography and the secret to getting those beautiful blurry backgrounds that everybody loves.

Students embraced the lesson challenge with enthusiasm and they were rewarded when they discovered they could finally control the blur, instantly taking their images to the next level!

Check out some of their fabulous work!

How to get blurry backgrounds in photos

Ayshea King

learn how to get blurry backgrounds

Katie Frith

photography for beginners online

Ashlee Sykes

how to shoot blurry backgrounds

Becs Tavendale

learn how to get blurry backgrounds in photos

Bek Alexander


Donna Weir

shoot in manual on dslr

Heidi Talic

learn manual mode on dslr

Jennifer Cole

learn manual settings on dslr

Jennifer Santy

how to shoot in manual mode

Kate Rankin

dslr lessons for beginners

Kenzie Maguire

dslr classes

Kristen Gurney

dslr classes for beginners online

Laurielle Silva

online dslr lessons for beginners

Mikenna Warnes Atkinson

online dslr courses

Nikki Griffiths

dslr photograhy lessons online

Samantha Barrow

Keep your eye out each week as we share our weekly favourites to celebrate our students’ progress, and if you’re ready to start improving your own photography and take photos you love…

Check out our Free 7 Day Photography Challenge that you can dive into straight away!




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