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Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

Happy Monday!

It’s that time again where we share ten stunning images taken by members of our talented Click Love Grow community… images that, for one reason or another, moved us and made us proud.

Some were shot by graduates, and others have come from students in our current Enthusiast Photography Course.

They’ve just completed Lesson Two, which is all about light… how to recognise pretty light, the best places to find it, and how to use it to create gorgeous, flattering, light filled photos!

We’re very proud of their work… what do you think?

how do you get a blurry background

Elizabeth Rowland – Current Enthusiast Student

photography lessons for beginners

Alice Marlopz – Graduate

how to use the exposure triangle

Marianne Wallis – Current Enthusiast Student

what is aperture

Kailey Nagymarosi – Advanced Graduate

what is manual mode

Maz Davies – Current Enthusiast Student

what is shutter speed

Humera Aaqib – Advanced Graduate

how to use aperture

Vanessa Carrick – Current Enthusiast Student

dslr photography lessons for beginners

Trudi Jensen – Advanced Graduate

how to get background blur

Charlotte Smith – Current Enthusiast Student

how to use a dslr

Renee Beccari – Graduate



Are you ready to master your DSLR, and learn the fundamentals of photography? Head here and register so you don’t miss out when our next Enthusiast Photography Course opens up.

If you’re already confident in manual mode, our Advanced Photography Course might be for you instead.

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