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Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

It’s exciting times at CLG as we welcomed our newest batch of Enthusiast Photography Course students this week! With our Advanced Photography Course also happening that’s making us especially busy!

But that means we have so many more gorgeous photos to help us put together our weekly highlights reel of delicious!

Students in both courses are currently studying composition – our Enthusiast students are practicing the basic fundamentals to help them create balanced and harmonious compositions that isolate their subject, whilst our Advanced students are in their second week of learning how to use shape and colour to create really powerful imagery that draws the viewer in and elicits a strong reaction.

Oh and… happy Easter! We’ve included a sprinkling of gorgeous themed shots we found in our graduates groups.


online beginners photography lessons

Chantel Macrae – Advanced Graduate

why are my backgrounds not blurry

Alice Mariette – Current Advanced Student

how to get blurry backgrounds

Amy Holton – Current Enthusiast Student

how to avoid blur

Jess Lea – Graduate

dlsr photography courses

Bria Anderson – Current Enthusiast Student

why are my photos blurry

Debra O’Flaherty – Current Advanced Student

how to use shutter speed

Mel Champion – Advanced Graduate

photography lessons for beginners

Rachel Bayes – Current Advanced Student

how to use my dslr

Merissa Wakefield – Advanced Graduate

what is aperture

Mimi Ghisellini – Advanced Graduate

Want to learn to use your DSLR in manual? Get your name on our waitlist for our next Enthusiast Photography Course and we’ll let you know the minute we open for registration!

If you’re already confident in manual mode, check out our Advanced Photography Course and take your photography to the next level.

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