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Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

It’s week 5 on our Enthusiast Photography Course and students achieved their ultimate goal when they took full control of their cameras! The challenge was to take a photo that gets in close, whilst ensuring they consider all they have learned so far about beautiful light, and creating engaging and harmonious compositions. Lastly, they needed to get a perfect exposure using full manual mode!

The album was stunning and we hope they’re very proud of their fantastic achievement!

Over in our Advanced Photography Course students are in week two of editing, widely considered to be our most fun module! It was amazing to see the difference they were able to make in their shots with just a few small and considered tweaks.

Last but definitely not least, our graduates have been sharing some incredible portraits over the last week and we’re very proud to share them.

what is shutter speed

Michelle Crush – Advanced Graduate

how to get a blurry background

Pamela Jean – Current Enthusiast Student

how to get sharp photos

Elizabeth Kay Russell – Current Advanced Student

 how to shoot in manual

Kecia Killian – Graduate

dslr photography lesson

Lindsay Higgins – Current Advanced Student

dslr photography lessons

Kim Steele – Current Enthusiast Student

photography lessons for beginners

Mel Luther – Graduate

learn photography online

Vicki Cardilini – Current Enthusiast Student

why aren't my photos sharp

Mimi Ghisellini – Advanced Graduate

how to get a blurry background

Morvern Shaw – Advanced Graduate

Want to learn to use your DSLR in manual mode and control the look of your photos? Join our waitlist for our next Enthusiast Photography Course and we’ll let you know when we open for registration!

If you’re already shooting in manual mode, check out our Advanced Photography Course and take your photography to the next level!

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