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Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

Can you imagine knowing how to pose and light your subjects to flatter them and create a beautiful portrait, on purpose?

That’s what our students learned this week in Lesson 6 of our Enthusiast Photography Course. They blew.our.tiny.minds with their image submissions!

The proof is in the pudding, so we’re sharing a few of our faves to let you see for yourself. And as always, making up the rest of our weekly top ten are some amazing images from our graduates community!

Kelly Jenkins – Current Enthusiast Student

how to take natural light portraits

Donna Donoghue – Current Enthusiast Student

how to photograph children

Laura DiBernardino-Tilly – Current Enthusiast Student

photography lessons for beginners

Maz Davies – Current Enthusiast Student

what is shutter speed

Kim Brooker – Current Enthusiast Student

why are my photos blurry

Johanna Froese – Advanced Graduate

online photography lessons

Megan Laffey – Graduate

how to fix blurry photos

Maree Soumilas – Graduate

online photography courses for beginners

Peta Beckham – Advanced Graduate

how to use my dslr in manual

Tammy Zaremski – Advanced Graduate



Are you ready to take control of your DSLR, and learn the fundamentals of photography? Head here and register so you don’t miss out when our next Enthusiast Photography Course opens up.

If you’re already confident in manual mode, our Advanced Photography Course might be for you instead.

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