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Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

Blurry photos. We’ve all experienced this problem in our photography at some point, and it’s incredibly frustrating when we don’t know why! The culprit is shutter speed, and the only way to control it is by shooting in manual mode.

Lesson 4 of our Enthusiast Photography Course teaches students how to capture and freeze motion by controlling their shutter speed, and then we challenge them to produce two images showcasing both to creative effect. We’ve shared a handful of their fabulous images here, what do you think? Pretty cool huh?!

Included here are also a bunch of our favourite images taken over the last week by our graduates, who always make it so hard to narrow it down to a handful!

Do you have a favourite out of this amazing collection?


beginners photography online

Amber Wagner – Current Enthusiast Student

how to use a dslr

Morvern Shaw – Advanced Graduate

why are my photos so blurry

Jessica Lunn – Current Enthusiast Student

dslr beginners photography

Kristy Walker – Advanced Graduate

how do you control blur

Emma Beverley – Current Enthusiast Student

online photography lessons for beginners

Alice Marlopz – Graduate

why are my photos blurry

Anna Morrison – Current Enthusiast Student

beginners photography lessons online

Anna Barge – Graduate

how to use a dslr in manual mode

Amanda Nickolls – Current Enthusiast Student

dslr photography

Kirsty Roberts – Advanced Graduate

Are you ready to take control of your DSLR, and learn the fundamentals of photography? Head here and register so you don’t miss out when our next Enthusiast Photography Course opens up.

If you’re already confident in manual mode, our Advanced Photography Course might be for you instead.

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