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Weekly Top 10 – CLG Highlights Reel

What does it mean to use your DSLR in full manual mode?

It means having full control of light and blur… rather than leaving it to chance and hoping for the best. Can you imagine the freedom that would give you?

That’s where are our current Enthusiast Photography Course students are at now, after just 5 lessons. That’s right… they spent last week bringing together all the elements of exposure to shoot in full manual mode!

The challenge was to switch their cameras to M mode, consider all they learned about composition, light and their technical settings, and take a beautiful close up photo.

The album overflowed with so many gorgeous images we couldn’t believe just a few weeks ago they were absolute beginners!

We’ve shared some of our favourites here, along with a handful of images from our graduate group that we thought were also pretty spesh.

online photography for beginners

Chris Deed – Current Enthusiast Student

how to shoot in manual mode

Madi McNamara – Graduate

photography courses online

Donna Fletcher Lauridsen – Current Enthusiast Student

learning to use a dslr

Jess Lea – Graduate

natural light photography for beginners

Kelly Jenkins – Current Enthusiast Student

how to get blurry backgrounds in photos

Heidi Talic – Graduate

how to fix my blurry photos

Laura Di-Bernardino-Tilly – Current Enthusiast Student

the exposure triangle explained

Mimi Ghisellini – Advanced Graduate

how to use a dslr

Enid Abrante-Quinones – Current Enthusiast Student

learn to use your dslr

Dana Whitley – Advanced Graduate


Are you ready to take control of your DSLR, and learn the fundamentals of photography? Head here and register so you don’t miss out when our next Enthusiast Photography Course opens up.

If you’re already confident in manual mode, our Advanced Photography Course might be for you instead.

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