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Wide Angle Fun!

Wide angles are often known as great lenses for travel and landscapes as they capture those long sweeping skies which look so great!

But wide angles can also be fantastic fun for capturing photos of your kids and fun times at home!

Short focal lengths have a distortive effect which elongates and exaggerate the size of objects.

The closer an object is to the lens or the outer edges of the lens then the more they’re distorted and stretched.

Think bobble head faces and long long legs… it’s for that reason that wide angle lenses are not generally used for traditional portraits BUT when you get a little creative that distortion can be lots of fun!

You can use any lens with a focal length up to around 24mm to start noticing the fun effect and the wider the lens (smaller number), the more extreme the distortion.


Personality Plus!

You can capture fun personality shots of your kids whilst using wide angles to capture them at play as the distortion adds the bobble-head affect!  (& your kids will love laughing at the photos of themselves looking a little silly!)

Try hats, funny glasses or other fun ideas to bring colour and personality into the shots! Xx

Hot Tip:  Get up super close to your subject to create the distortion effect on faces!

 Sigma 12 – 24mm Lens at 12mm:



Capturing the Fun!

Wide angle lenses include more of the environment than our eye naturally sees, so this gives us the opportunity to show our children’s surroundings and everything that is going on even when we’re up nice and close!

Think play time at the beach, a swimming pool, a sporting match, running around a pretty field at sunset… or driving a boat 😉

Taken at 17mm I was able to fit the girls into frame when in a squishy space.


 24mm let me capture her having fun, and all the gorgeous blue sky behind her!



If you have a wide angle try and use it in ways other than the typical landscape and travel photos and see what you can come up with that’s loads of fun!


Loved capturing the rides when we were at a theme park & used my wide angle at 19mm



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3 Responses to Wide Angle Fun!

  1. Naomi November 26, 2014 at 10:49 am #

    Thanks for sharing this. I recently bought a wide angle lense to take real estate photos for a friend who was selling their house. This gives me a whole other use for the lense that I hadn’t thought of!

    • LouiseGlendon November 28, 2014 at 5:47 am #

      Oh that’s awesome Naomi!! Have fun playing – they are really great for a lot of different shots! Xx

  2. Emmy Clews February 14, 2016 at 6:59 am #

    Thanks for sharing Lou! I’ve been a bit scared of using the wide end of my 17-40mm in case the distortion is too much but I think I’ll try it for something different now – portraits in a tight room maybe – and see what happens!

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