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New Workshop

New Workshop

Would you love to take beautiful photos of your baby?

Have you tried previously and you're confused about light, not sure where those unflattering shadows came from, and your styling doesn’t quite nail it?

CLG mentor Heidi Talic is here to help!  In this brand new photography workshop she'll be sharing all her secrets on how she sets-up and shoots beautiful and natural newborn, baby and toddler photos.

During this CLG Creative Workshop, you'll be walked through positioning with natural light to avoid unflattering shadows; you will explore the art of subtle styling; and embrace simplicity to capture everyday moments, details and memories in gorgeous lifestyle photos.

This is an online workshop designed to help you build the skills and confidence you need to take your baby photos to expert level, at home without a fancy studio set-up, and take gorgeous baby photos with timeless appeal!

Shoot beautiful, natural & stylish baby photography... that makes you swooooon!

4 x Weekly pdf lessons covering different themes to explore lifestyle and styled photography, where to start, how to pose and position in the light and much more.

Live Q&A. During Week Two of the workshop, Lou and Heidi will hold a live call so that we can go even deeper into your questions and help you through the lesson challenges!

The Workshop Includes:

Themed photo challenges each week so that you can get out and play with the concepts and lessons taught and put into practice the skills you're discovering. 

Live FB Community. Come and share your images in an engaged and inspiring online group throughout the workshop.  Heidi and Lou will be active in the group answering questions and offering support to help you through the lessons so you can get the best results.

You’d love to capture newborn, baby or toddler’s portraits and special moments in gorgeous photos you can be proud to show off.

You crave the skills to create simply styled portraits that have timeless appeal.

You want to capture your baby’s everyday moments in authentic and organic lifestyle photos.

You want to grow your baby photography skills in a supportive group environment and have access to instructors to ask questions and share your work.

You're ready for a creative challenge to help you pick up your camera and take part in a fun and inspiring month of shooting.

How does it work?

Join us for a 4 week, online workshop, to explore taking simply styled portraits, and lifestyle photography for newborn, baby and toddler photos at home.

A new lesson will be released weekly, with examples, explanations and visual guides... and most importantly hands-on challenges to get out and shoot.

Best of all you'll be part of an online group working through the lessons together, with instructor support from Heidi and Louise... to share your images, ask questions, and be inspired by your Click Love Grow community.

Who's it for?

You might also be wondering...

Do I need to have a baby? No. You can easily practice on a doll, and you’ll learn all the skills required as well as having lifetime access to the course material as a resource for the future when you get an opportunity to practice on a baby.

Is this just for newborns? The main focus of this workshop is light, styling, lifestyle and creativity so many of the skills you’ll learn can be applied to any age from newborn to toddler.

I don't have any fancy props, does that matter? This workshop explores how to style your photos simply and subtly, using props you might already have such as wraps, throws, and baby’s own toys.

I prefer a lifestyle approach over styled photos, is it for me? The workshop will explore both styled and lifestyle photography, and all techniques can be applied to shooting in a lifestyle manner.

I can't join in the whole 4 weeks, does that matter? You’ll have lifetime access to the course material. and live video that you can go back and refer to at any time.  

Will this teach me camera settings and how to shoot in manual mode? This workshop is focused on expanding creative skills, and while we will talk about some settings used, it won't cover the step-by-step on how the settings work together or how to shoot confidently in manual. If you're not there yet, check out our Enthusiast Photography Course.

Places are limited and we will begin with Lesson #1 on the 1st of Oct

Join CLG mentor Heidi Talic as she shares her secrets to shooting beautiful, natural and stylish newborn and toddler photography that captures the details and memories of such special moments...


Heidi Talic is a photographer based on the Gold Coast, Australia. She started her photography journey when she joined Click Love Grow’s Enthusiast and Advanced courses 3 years ago and is now running a successful family and newborn photography business.
Heidi is known for both her beautiful, natural, fun images of children and families and also her ability to incorporate tasteful, natural styling into her work with babies. 
Heidi shoots both outdoors in pretty locations an also in peoples homes. She knows how to best set up her subjects to make the most of pretty light and also what props, accessories, prompts and activities will work best to create the best photos of those little cuties, showing off all their baby cuteness before it's gone! …. and she'll be sharing all her secrets with us during this 4 week workshop.

your Photography Mentor

CLG Mentor Heidi Talic

Join now!

Are you ready for 4 weeks of fun, creative & inspired hands on shooting?

There are limited place for this workshop, and there are no plans for it to run live again.. so if you're looking for a creative challenge to enhance your skills... join us now!


Workshop Begins: 1st Oct 2019