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Learn how to shoot and edit deliciously dark and moody low light images! Get access to Morvern's wonderful style of shooting and editing through this new workshop!

Dark & Moody Photography


✔   100+ Pages of Beautiful PDF Lessons 
✔   25+ Behind The Scenes Shooting & Editing Videos
✔   Step-By-Step How To Shoot in Low Light
✔   1 Month FB Group Access With Morvern
✔   LIVE Q&A Call replay with Morvern 

Dark & Moody Photography

In this workshop you’ll learn to see with fresh eyes, as Morvern shares her wonder for light and shadow, colour and tone, and shows you how to bring it all together to create images filled with childhood wonder.

With the biggest emphasis on behind-the-scenes shooting and editing videos we’ve ever shared in our popular Creative Workshops, Morvern will take you both indoors and out to show you how she uses the light, colour and texture to create her signature look in a multitude of situations.
You'll learn how to create a dark & moody look even when your surroundings are light and bright!

Explore overcast light, golden hour, blue hour and fog… learn how to use hard light without fear, and create dramatic rim light, including introducing simple artificial light sources such as torches and lamps. 

Learn exactly how to best leverage the light and shadow to control the intensity of your dark & moody look achieve your vision, with eye-opening pull back shots, behind-the-scenes videos and detailed explanations.

Discover Morvern’s tricks for using grain and other editing techniques to disguise and minimise the look of noise from high ISO without losing detail.

You’ll watch Morvern in revealing behind-the-scenes shooting videos, where you’ll see exactly how she approaches locations, harnesses the light and directs her subjects to create the beautifully atmospheric images she’s known for.

Learn how she brings her photos to life with a consistency that is true to her style in watch-me-edit videos.

Create delicious images, that embrace drama,
intrigue and nostalgia...

Q&A + Behind The Scenes Video. Not only will you get to enjoy a replay of our Q&A session with Morvern but you'll also get to watch behind the scenes shooting videos that Morvern has filmed to show you her set-ups, position to the light and direction of her subjects.

Get Immediate Access To...

Hands on Challenges! Each week Morvern will set a challenge for you to implement the lesson materials and be inspired to shoot.

4 x Weekly Lessons presented as a mix of written lessons and filmed shooting and editing videos so you can enjoy learning from Morvern on how she plans, directs and finalises her work. 


Morvern Shaw is a mum to 3 wee girls from central Scotland. Photography for her is very much a hobby, and it is her own ‘me time’ and escape from the stress of daily life but has also this year been shooting weddings, which she has loved the challenge of creating wedding images that speak to her and are a little more dark and moody than you may expect from wedding photography.

Morvern says she is happiest when out exploring and photographing her girls in the beautiful countryside of Scotland that she is so lucky to be surrounded by.

She took the Enthusiast and then Advanced Courses in 2017 where she found her love for the dark, moody and atmospheric photos that are so much of her style today

Morvern is one of our most popular Creative Workshop mentors and we are so excited to bring her back to teach us even more of creating Dark & Moody images in low light!

Your Photography Mentor

CLG Mentor Morvern Shaw


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