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Master Your Camera &
 Capture Memories To Last A Lifetime

are you sick of your camera collecting dust?

Stop paying expensive Pros for every milestone photo!

Learn how to take control of your camera,
tap into your creativity & shoot your very own pro quality photography of your kids family and everyday adventures

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Learn how to take control of your camera,
tap into your creativity & shoot your very own pro quality photography of your kids, family and everyday adventures

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Master Your Camera & Capture Memories To Last A Lifetime

Are you sick of your camera collecting dust?

Can't afford to pay a Pro for every milestone photo?

Are you sick of your camera collecting dust?
Can't afford to pay a Pro for every milestone photo?

"The Enthusiast Course taught me how to create art with my photos."

I remember feeling defeated because my photos were not turning out the way I wanted them to look. Then I was wasting so much time trying to learn how to use my camera by watching YouTube videos and reading blogs etc. Then I found the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Course and it really gave to the confidence to create the photos I always wanted! My love for photography has done so much for me… it has grown into a part time business, it is my therapy, and a way to capture the life stories of my family & friends

It's Time To Transform Your Photography

"I always loved photography, but my iPhone just wasn't cutting it'

Having my children made me realise that I wanted better quality photos than I got from my iPhone, so I invested in my first proper camera. But then I got super frustrated and could not for the life of me work out how to use Manual Mode! When I found the CLG Enthusiast Photography Course. I learned how to master my camera and the foundations of light and composition! It's the place to learn, with amazing instruction that takes the confusion away and the best part is the fantastic community.

Brooke Hampson


(Check out these before & afters from our students!)

Desiree  Wade

ditch auto mode

instructor support

flexible & online

rave reviews

You'll be out of AUTO and in control of your camera to take gorgeous photos you love!

Don't do this alone! You'll be supported by our amazing instructors who will review your images for personal 1-1 feedback!

I know how busy you are! And our whole course is designed to be flexible and easy to follow along with online! Plus you get lifetime access!

We've helped thousands of women learn photography with rave reviews! And our online community is one of the nicest  places you'll find on the web! 

1:1 support

When I bought my digital camera... I was so excited about the amazing images I was going to take..

I thought I’d effortlessly point my camera at something (like my child or a gorgeous sunset), gaze purposefully at the camera screen for a moment to frame the shot (looking really artistic and serious while I did it!), then with one simple Click! I’d take the perfect photo... HA!

Sadly my expectations did NOT match my reality. Instead I was constantly frustrated that my photos didn't turn out like I imagined, I was totally overwhelmed by all the settings, and in most cases I'd end up reaching for my phone instead! Not what I'd had in mind for my $$$ camera!

When I first became a Mum, I desperately wanted beautiful photos of my kids....

But they kinda SUCKED!

Let Us Show You An Easier Way

In Our Online Program You Will Unlock the Secrets to Learning Photography
& Transform Your Photos

In simple, jargon-free language, I’ll walk you through the essentials you need to know.

We’ll cover decoding your camera settings, framing your shots, finding the light to produce GORGEOUS results.

The best part? The full program is delivered online, which means you can learn at your own pace (without changing out of PJ’s) and connect with a global community of like-minded women,


I had previously tried other courses without any success...  But enrolling in Louise’s Enthusiast Photography Course was the turning point for my photography. I can now use my manual settings to achieve the vision in my head. 

— Belle Darke

"Now I can take photos of my kids I used to pay for!"

I was a complete beginner shooting in auto, to now being able to shoot in full manual!  I loved every minute of this course and learnt so much in a short time! Click Love Grow thankyou for changing my life!!

— Rebecca seen

"I used to point & shoot
and hope for the best"

The full program is delivered online, which means you can learn at your own pace (without changing out of PJ’s) and connect with a global community of like-minded women. It's lifetime access to all the materials which means you can dip back in at anytime that suits you!

It's totally flexible!

Broken down into the topics and skill-areas that will make the most difference to your images, fast! All explained in a way that actually makes sense.. no over complicated tech speak!

You can watch the easy to follow videos, or download the pdfs... however you prefer to learn! Everything is captioned for accessibility!

Here's How It Works

Online & Easy To Access

Step -By- Step Lessons

flexible delivery

Easy to Understand

Unlike other online programs or camera courses... you actually have an instructor review your photos and let you know how YOU can best improve!

PLUS you'll be in a live group of other like minded women as you work through the lessons to support each other along the way!

1:1 Instructor Feedback

Become Part Of A Community

This is not just a read-along course! For each lesson, to ensure the concepts take root and allow you to start creating gorgeous keepsakes and memories straight away, there are hands on actions!

You'll start to see results straight away 


see results straight away

INSTANT ACCESS Online course

Capture Your Family Memories With Ease

Creative Compositions. 

Here's What You'll Learn




Ever wondered why some photos just ‘work’? We’ll dive straight into how to frame a shot for maximum impact and learn how to shoot with creativity and purpose. At the end of this lesson your images will tell a story and capture those memories you’re desperate to preserve.

Finding the Light


Light is the “make or break” element of every shot. We’ll cover a series of strategies to help nudge those images to the next level, whether you’re shooting in the house or the great outdoors.

Aperture & Focus


Aperture, depth of field and focus may be baffling concepts for you.
In this lesson we’ll talk over the basics of focal length, shooting for effect and making your photos “pop”. You’ll also learn exactly how to take creative control of your photography.

Shutter Speed


You know those blurry, unclear images that plague your every thought? That’s because of the shutter speed. You’ll discover how to take crisp, clean shots every time and all about creating special effects through long and short exposure.

Consolidation Week


We’ll go through a step-by-step review of everything we’ve covered so far, just to make sure you’re feeling super confident and clear about how everything works.

Perfecting Portraits


Perfecting the portrait is one of the most powerful ways to elevate your photography skills. In this lesson you’ll learn how to take flattering photos in a variety of lights, and we’ll talk about the differences between shooting adults and kids.

Travel & Landscapes


Travel photography is all about capturing the “feel”, and that’s what we’ll be covering in this lesson. You’ll also learn how to incorporate storytelling into your images, so you remember that heavenly holiday forever!

Workflow & Intro to Editing


You’ll get a series of tips on how to manage all of those beautiful photos you’ve collected. We’ll cover the basics of editing, preparing your pics for use online AND how to develop an image library that works for you.

I'm Lou, your new photography mentor

hey there!

Hi! I’m Louise Glendon, the face (& lens!) behind Click Love Grow.

When I first became a mum I bought a fancy DSLR and wanted to take beautiful shots of my kids! But woah... I found it so much harder than I though it would be!

Everything I found was complicated, over my head and way too technical... so through lots of trial and error (and tears) I did figure it all out, but when it clicked into place I threw up my hands and said 'why didn't they just explain it like that'

I went on to become a professional kids, family and boudoir photographer and then when our military family moved overseas I decided to start teaching my skills to others around me who wanted to achieve those same goals as me... beautiful photos of their kids! I’ve now guided thousands of women through my signature photography courses, and am continually blown away by their incredible images and the way their confidence behind the camera soars. 

YES! Our Course Really Works!

Brooke Hampstead

Check Out These Student Before & Afters

Dinithi Ranattunga



Donna Fletcher

Jennifer Magnussen



Subah Singh

Jennifer Magnussen



Jennifer Magnussen

Donna Fletcher



Subah Singh

Sarah Roberts



Sarah McBride

Erin Deegan



Our Course Is Flexible &
Designed To Fit Your Schedule

I know how hard it can be to schedule commitments these days so our course is designed to be flexible! Log in on the couch, in your jammies! Whatever works, we're here and easily accessible!

totally online

We might be online, but that doesn't mean you're alone! You have access to our full instructor team (including me, Lou) to get feedback on your images and ask any questions you have! 

Live support

Yes! So you can dive back into the materials and lessons at ANY time! You'll always have access PLUS you'll also get to come and be part of our ongoing community! People say it's the nicest place on the internet, and I don't disagree!

Lifetime access

Confidently take beautiful memory making photos of their families & loved ones

Finally learn how to use that DSLR or digital camera that's been collecting dust and know it's capable of so much more

This course is PERFECT for women who want to:

Stop paying $$$ for pro photo shoots for every milestone event and special occassion

Embrace their creativity and enjoy something that's just for them.. outside the everyday obligations of family life

Switch off from the constant scroll... and discover the meditative power of photography in how things slow down when you're observing life through the lens 

Newborn & Baby Workshop (Pdfs + Video)
Valued: $147 

Editing Course - Learn How To Make Your Photos 'Pop'
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✔  INSTANT ACCESS online photography course

✔  step by step video lessons
with hands on challenges to implement

✔  1:1 instruction so you know exactly where you're going right (& wrong)

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Finally Master your DSLR & Start Taking Photos You LOVE!

✔  lifetime access to the click love grow
photography community online

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Course includes lifetime access to the materials, membership to Click Love Grow's ongoing community





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My Guarantee: Try This Course for 14 days. Get your money back if it doesn't work for you!

I’ve designed this course with you and your photography results in mind. I’ve taken extra care to ensure that the program layout is accessible and easy to follow, but most importantly will help you learn the essentials of photography so you can shoot in manual mode!

If you are not completely happy with the results you get from this program, simply forward us the completed assignments before the third week of the course, to show that you’ve worked through the lesson material and we will refund your money. It’s my guarantee that you’ll love the content and format of the course, and if not, simply let us know! 

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In this BONUS Workshop you'll learn how to set-up and shoot beautiful baby photos in your own home - for yourself, or clients! You'll get to watch behind the scenes video, editing videos and receive over 100 pages of written lessons with examples to follow from a Pro! 

Newborn & Baby Photography Workshop



Photos of your family they're proud to hang on the wall


Our Students

are from all over the world


Let's Learn Photography!!

Do I need a DSLR or Digital Camera to complete this course?

A DSLR is certainly handy for this photography course, but any digital camera (including mirrorless) that lets you adjust the aperture and shutter speed settings will be great. It’s worth pointing out – this course is NOT about getting you to buy fancy equipment or fifteen different lenses.

We teach you to work with what you’ve got, and make the most of your camera’s features. (And as a quick heads up: if you’re trying to decide which camera to purchase, we discuss what you should be looking for in week 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a real beginner – I can barely turn my camera on. Is this course right for me?

Absolutely! The aim of this course is to walk you through the entire process of understanding your camera and taking great photos, right from the basics. Remember, you can go through the content as many times as you like until you feel confident with all features and settings. By the end of the course, you’ll be wrangling your camera like a pro!

My life is a little frantic sometimes, what if I fall behind on the weekly assignments?

Don’t worry – there’s no such thing as falling behind! Once you’ve got access to the course material, you can continue to jump back in as often as you need to go over the lessons or refresh your skills. The weekly assignments are critiqued every week, but it doesn’t matter which lesson you’re up to.

Will I always have access to the content?

Yes! Once we complete the course you will have lifetime access to all the content and materials from the course, so you can go back and refer at any time!

I've taken other classes & feel quite comfortable my settings, will I still get value from this course?

Yes! Absolutely, not only does our course revise all the settings if you’re pretty ok with them, but we go into detail on how they work together, and give you techniques to apply in lots of different lighting and shooting scenarios! We also prompt you with very hands on challenges to simply get out there and start taking photos… which is always the key to improving!

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in yourself is an important one!

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