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Are you sick of blurry & out of focus photos?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of wanting crisp, 
clear looking photos of your kids?

But somehow, no matter how hard you try, your shots end up
looking dull, dark and blurry?

It's so frustrating!

Especially when you own a *good* camera, and the results
aren't what you expected!

Most people overlook these important steps when they're learning & I don't want you to be one of them...

When I was learning photography I spent years trawling technical jargon on websites, experimenting with my manual and practicing on my kids... and a lot of time scratching my head in frustration!

But when it finally 'clicked' I threw up my hands and said
'Why didn't anyone explain it like THAT'

To save YOU the time & struggles, I've pulled together my fave pro-techniques to help you take the first and most important steps to increasing your confidence and taking photos of your kids that you LOVE!

Can you imagine how it would feel to transform your photos from dim and blurry, to sharp, clear and filled with light?

Introducing our Beginner Photography Videos!

A video training outlining step-by-step my favourite pro-photography techniques that you can apply to your photography straight away.

(No matter what camera you have)

In These Videos You'll Learn:

WHY your photos are blurry & how you can fix it
The 3 ingredients that most people overlook
Where to find great light around your own home
The MUST KNOW settings on your camera for
consistently great photos?

The simplicity of these tips and the way you put them across make it so easy to transfer to the practical.
Thanks Louise

The Videos provide easy-to-follow instructions!

With visual examples of the steps needed to start taking beautiful
photos of your family & kids!

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Amazing! Finally a photographer that explains things clearly! Your video is so easy to understand and everything made perfect sense! Thank you so much. The most useful tip I found was where to leave space in a photo!

I loved your sneaky tips for finding (and making) great light. This is the thing I struggle with the most.

Great tips, easily explained.
Love watching and learning from your videos!
Thank you!

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