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3 Secrets to Shooting 
Like a Pro with your DSLR

Have a fancy camera but you're still using it in AUTO?
Or worse yet, reaching your iphone instead?

Don't waste your dslr by using it like your phone... come & learn how to use it like a pro!

The 3 things that every Pro Photographer knows and how you can start using them in your photos (hint - some of them have nothing to do with your camera!)

Why your photos come out blurry and the easy tweaks to fix it

PLUS - how to switch your camera out of auto to start getting the results you know your camera is capable of

Are you disappointed in the photos you take on your fancy camera?   
Do you wonder if it was even worth the $$?

When I first bought my camera, I thought I'd immediately get great results, but that wasn't the case.
I tried shooting in manual but I didn't know what all the numbers meant, or I couldn't remember them when I needed them. Gah!

Instead I took most of my kids photos on MY PHONE!!

I was wasting my good camera AND missing out on beautiful memories with my kids...
and I don't want this to happen to you!

In this class you'll learn:

Most of us love photography and want to capture the memories and details of our kids as they get older.. but if we hired a pro for every milestone we'd end up spending a fortune.

And if you have a fancy camera you CAN take those kind of photos yourself. Even if so far your photos look more snapshot than stunning pro-shot.

Often times it's the fumbling with settings and getting confused with how to set-up quickly and confidently, that can hold you back from getting a shot you love... or even worse, discourage you from taking a shot at all!

If you're sick of feeling frustrated with your camera ... this free class is for you!

Pro-photography is expensive! 
I wanted beautiful keepsake photography for each of my kids'... but I couldn't afford to pay for a professional shoot for every milestone in their first few years!

Nice to meet you...

And I always wanted great photos of my kids, but didn't know how to achieve it....

Despite my expensive equipment (and the undeniable cuteness of my kids ha!) all my photos came out looking… kind of blah.

My frustration continued over the weeks and months to come – the family gatherings, the holiday shots, the candle-topped birthday cakes…

Until finally things started to fall into place & I mastered the elusive manual mode... 

And I learnt finally that photography doesn't HAVE to be confusing... there is an easier way, and I'm hear to share it with you, so you can avoid the frustration and long-way-round that I took to reaching my photography goals.

Hi, I'm Lou

Hi, I'm Louise


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