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Our Advanced Photography Course is a 10 week, group program, focused on 1:1 support and in-depth lessons designed to push you out of your comfort zone and to taking photos you'd never imagine you could!

We'll take you step-by-step through the lessons to increase your photography skill-sets, allowing you to find your style and flourish and grow as a photographer!

Does this sound like you?

You've mastered the basics and you’re confident with your DSLR...

But you're ready for more!

And you're unsure of the next steps to improve your photography.

You're yearning to create beautiful images, and you're ready to be pushed outside your comfort zone to find your own style.

And you're keen to step things up, to dive in further, receive deeper level 1:1 feedback on your photos and to start taking seriously jaw-dropping photos. 


The course will help you develop your confidence and technical skills...

+ Increase YOUR Confidence

You’ll be working your camera like a pro, finding and using creative light, and manipulating your settings to perfection.

The end result? Stop-you-in-your-tracks shots that look like an expert snapped ‘em! Most importantly, your confidence will grow from receiving expert 1:1 feedback so you know exactly where to focus your improvements.

+ Build Essential Technical Skills

It’s one thing to know the theory of good composition and technique. It’s another to develop the taste and style to bring your own individual flair to the creative process.

We’re going to be fast-tracking your ‘expert eye’ – and your ability to spot a great shot – through group feedback, live Q&A’s, and 1:1 and peer-to-peer critiques.

+ DEVELOP An Expert Eye

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of mastering photography, so many books and resources spend ages debating the tiniest differences between lenses and shutter speeds.

In this course, we strip away all the stuff that bogs people down and just give you the expert strategies that are most relevant and that have the biggest impact on your images.

"Wow! What an amazing course!"

"The lessons and videos are fun and super easy to follow along with, but by far the best part is the wonderfully supportive group of teachers and students to help you along the way.

When you are trying something new and have a thousand questions or you just want people to see your new favourite shot, this group of talented ladies are always there with love, support and advice.

Would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level!"

Heidi Talic

Our Students LOVE This Course... 

We'll build on the basics & this is where you’ll learn how to start working with light, finessing your composition, mastering special effects, & enhancing your images in post-production.

All presented in our signature easy-to-understand style and designed to support you on your creative journey! PLUS it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

In a nutshell, we’ll be unlocking all the expert rules and strategies of professional photography so that you can start taking the gorgeous, light-filled, striking images you’ve been imagining.

How does it work?

Over our 10 weeks together, you’ll be unlocking all the skills and techniques of master photographers.

With a new module released every 2 weeks, you’ll have ample opportunity to dig into the content and put your newfound expertise into practice.

We use Trusted & Proven Learning Techniques

As shown in our student results...

5 x Fortnightly lessons broken down into the topics and skill-areas will make the most difference to your images.

Screen recordings of post-processing techniques. You’ll be able to watch the exact way I enhance my professional photos for my paying clients. (It’s like watching over my shoulder as I walk you through it step-by-step!)

The Course Includes:

Themed photo challenges to push you to grow and explore your creativity

Pullbacks of my shoots. See the behind-the-scenes breakdowns of how I created some of my signature shots, and learn how to replicate them for yourself.

Workbooks and lesson notes with detailed instructions and prompts to help you get really clear on the content and cement your learnings.

Expert critiques of your images Each fortnight, my team and I will critique your images. This enables us to get really granular on the areas people are struggling with, explain how they can trouble-shoot, and also showcase the amazing creativity within the group. You’ll also participate in peer-to-peer critiques to enhance your own creative ‘eye’.

PLUS: Ongoing membership in our advanced student community for discussion, ideas, feedback, friendship, and fun after the course is completed.

Interactive Live Q&A sessions Each two weeks, I’ll be hosting a LIVE online Q&A session for you to ask all your burning questions about that week’s module. (These sessions will be recorded and included in the course material, so you can always re-visit and review them!)

I was so so nervous before starting the Advanced Course, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! This course is set for all levels and all different strengths, whether it is in portraits, landscape, macro, food, or just your own family that you want to capture the best you can. I loved the support I received and the ladies doing the course were like angels and inspirational, who both encouraged and directed me when needed.

Click Love Grow has become a family that I can rely on for support and direction as I continue to grow.

Marnie Martil

The Advanced Photography Course will help you take your photography skills seriously next level!


Perfecting exposure makes a big difference to your images and is something that is confusing and overwhelming at first. So we’ll unravel the mysteries of metering & histograms, so that you can perfect your exposure for every shot.

We'll explore:

- The difference between ‘correct’ exposure and ‘creative’ exposure
- How to understand a very handy tool - your histogram
- How to use tonal ranges
- Developing your ‘expert eye’ - how to critique effectively and why it’s important to fast-track your photography skills!

Exposure, Histograms & Metering

Here's What's in Each Lesson:


The biggest factor that will take your images from amateur to artiste is the way you position things within your frame. Yep, composition is where it’s at! We’re going to step things up a notch!

We'll delve into:

- How classical composition can help you take fantastic contemporary images
- How to work with your location to optimise your framing
- All about EQUIPMENT – the best tools for different photography styles
- Demystifying lenses & focal lengths, so that you have more creative control, and less blurring and aberration

Creating Compositions


Taking professional photographs it’s essential to understand a full range of lighting scenarios. This lesson is all about light, using off-camera flash, trouble-shooting problem scenarios… & that’s just for starters!

We’ll explore:

- Creative lighting techniques (both indoors & outdoors) to help you take truly luminous shots
- How to add drama and beauty to your images through backlighting and silhouettes
- Shooting in difficult lighting scenarios (and turning them to your advantage)
- Introduction to off-camera flash PLUS how to create a simple studio set- up (so you can get the ‘pro’ look in your own home)

Mastering Creative Light


We’re devoting an entire module to the post-processing skills that will help your photos ‘pop’ and look professional. Watch screen recordings of me editing a range of different images & lighting scenarios so that you can see how I create the finished product!

You’ll discover:

- The software suites I love & use: Lightroom and Photoshop made easy
- The editing tools that will take your images from ho-hum to hot-dang
- How to batch edit photos, so that you can save yourself time and hassle
- Worked examples of a range of shots – black and white, backlit, portraits, landscape and more. (These recordings are AMAZING for enhancing your learning, and understanding how to implement expert techniques for yourself.)

PLUS - Watch Me Edit in Lightroom and Photoshop

Post Processing & Editing


This is where we take everything you’ve learned and start getting strategic. We’ll focus on combining the elements that help bring your vision to life; how to plan your session, select equipment, pose your subjects & take control so that you can create images you love!

You’ll learn:

- Developing a concept, and how to infuse your style and essence into the images you’re creating
- Pulling it all together – the realities of being a pro photographer, and the secret tricks we use during shoots to make things work!
- Being brave and taking action (PLUS – what to do when everything goes wrong!)

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Behind the Scenes of Creating Professional Portrait Galleries for Clients

+ Bonuses

5 x Live Calls With Lou

We'll jump on a live 1-2 hour call, every 2 weeks, to discuss the lesson, answer your questions and trouble-shoot anything you're running into that week.

Lifetime Access

All your lessons, videos and materials are lifetime access - so you can go back and review anytime to continue your learning! This is invaluable to your continued growth!

You'll receive a walk you through of my own client galleries and chat about how I planned the shoot, poses I used, & how I put the session together from start to finish.

PLUS - My tips on how to start building your portfolio, whilst getting paid!

Business Training!

Valued at: $197

I'll walk you through the 5 essential elements of a successful photography business.

These are the keys you need to be profitable, avoid burnout and make sure your clients LOVE you!

I loved your other course, but it’s been a while since I’ve picked up my camera. Is this course right for me?

Yes! Don’t worry, we do a quick refresher on all the settings on your camera before we dive in – most of our students are astonished at how quickly all the information comes back to them.

And don’t forget – when you enrol in any Click Love Grow course, you get lifetime access to the materials. So you’re absolutely welcome to revisit them in your own time.

I'm still not 100% confident in manual mode yet, can I still take this course?

Yes! Absolutely! This course will be focused on refreshing our manual settings and looking at extra technical tools to help you master them and learn to nail exposure in a wide range of scenarios. The challenges are designed to increase your confidence shooting in manual mode and push you to improve in all aspects of photography.

Will I have access to the materials after the course?

Yes! Once the course has finished, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials and videos so that you can refer to them at any time.

What equipment will I need to do this course?

This course goes into a lot more technical detail than our previous courses, so I would recommend a DSLR to get the most value from our lessons. I also recommend that you have access to either Lightroom or Photoshop (Elements is great) to complete our post-processing lesson.

How does this course differ from the Enthusiast Course?

Our initial courses were all about jumping out of ‘auto’ and learning about the importance of composition, light and the exposure triangle so we can shoot in manual mode. Our Advanced Course is all about taking that next step, and really starting to bring your creative vision to life. The lessons and challenges will help you gain even more confidence in shooting, we’ll cover a wider range of scenarios, and we’ll learn how to really manipulate our tools and circumstances to get the desired shot.

I've never taken a Click Love Grow course before... Can I still join in?

Yes! If you feel that our Enthusiast Course is perhaps a little too beginner for your skill set, then this course is for you! If you’re comfortable shooting in manual mode, but are ready to go to the next level in advancing your skills, and discovering just how to create gorgeous photos through skills such as understanding composition, lighting and post processing, then this course is for you, and we’re excited to welcome you into the Click Love Grow community!

still have questions?

A little more about me

Ten years ago, I was a complete newbie at photography. When my eldest was born, I was so excited to capture all those amazing newborn moments. I bought myself a fancy camera and started snapping away – but I quickly found that it wasn’t quite that easy!

Fast-forward a few years of intense study and experience, and I eventually became a professional photographer, and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph all sorts of subjects, in gorgeous locations. But even more than being behind the lens, I love empowering women to take their own beautiful photos, so they can capture their special memories for themselves.

I’ve now guided thousands of graduates through my signature photography courses, and am continually blown away by their incredible images and the way their confidence behind the camera soars. It’s truly a privilege to be able to share this wisdom and watch our graduates go from strength to strength.

I was honestly terrified before starting the Advanced Course!

I was a very amateur photographer and I was in awe of the standard of so many of the other students, but it was a fabulous experience.

The Advanced Course pushed me far outside my comfort zone and encouraged me to be much more thoughtful and creative in what I was shooting. I have learnt to wait for the right light, to persist when I know there is a great photo in front of me and to see more of the subtlety and detail in every scene. Louise and Pam are wonderful at guiding and explaining photography in simple terms and I was stunned at the amazing support and encouragement of everyone else in the course no matter what standard you start at.

Thanks to the CLG Courses I am so much more confident, and I am loving learning more every time I pick up my camera. I cannot wait to use all this new knowledge next time we travel.

Audra Stanton

Join now!

In this course, you get access to all my expert insights and strategic experience.

And I’m dedicated to helping you upgrade your skills, increase your creative control, and transition to the next level.

It’s like having your very own professional mentor, without the ‘pro’ price tag.

1 x payment of $1697


Affordable Payment Plan


6 x monthly payments of $310


Course Begins 27th Sep 2022

Alll Yours For Only:

Single Payment

My Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve designed this course with you and your photography results in mind. I’ve taken extra care to ensure that the program layout is accessible and easy to follow, but most importantly will help you learn the essentials of photography so you can shoot in manual mode! If you are not completely happy with the results you get from this program, simply forward us the completed assignments before the third week of the course, to show that you’ve worked through the lesson material and we will refund your money.

It’s my guarantee that you’ll love the content and format of the course, and if not, simply let us know! 

Check out these Case Studies from Students...

Taking the Click Love Grow Advanced Course was the best photography related choice I’ve made.

It really helped me elevate my photography to the next level.

Do yourself a favour and take this course!!
You won’t regret it!! Xx

Tawni Ogren

For anyone looking to really take their photography skills to the next level I can highly recommend the Click Love Grow Advanced Course.

It's a great way to build on and lock into place the skills from the Enthusiast Course and really bring out the inner artist in you!


I really enjoyed being part of the Advanced Course community, I loved putting everything I learned from the Enthusiast Course into action and then being able to add another dimension to my skills with the easy follow fortnightly lessons and guidance from Louise and Pam.

I loved knowing that if I had a questions or needed help these two lovely ladies were always there to help out, the support aspect of these courses is just amazing!! Definitely the course to do if you're looking to take your photos to the next level but still keeping it fun and relaxed at the same time!!

Amy Dean

Sarah Gauslaa

Completing the Advanced Photography Course completely changed me right from the beginning.

I had put my camera down and forgotten about it until the day I signed up to the course.

I have so much fire in my belly to continue with what I love….photography.

After joining Click Love Grow's Enthusiasts course, my photographs and knowledge were climbing mountains, my photographs were gaining attention and I fell in love with manual mode (& I've never switched back to auto from the onset).

Then I went on to experience the wonderful Advanced Course and it was exactly what I needed, a little more out of my comfort zone, just enough to push me to find I was actually right where I wanted to be, in a bigger, better zone that quickly become my world. I have now started photographing family portraits, tiny fast moving insects and even a few weddings. I'm winning honours in competitions. All the credit goes to Click Love Grow!

Tracy SmiT

The biggest improvement in my photography since the advanced course is understanding lighting & exposure, such as how to use light in creative ways to produce lovely photos. I now understand how to create high & low key shots, avoid unflattering light and use different lighting techniques to create different effects for my photos.

The course delivery was great & I could access it when it suited me. The online tutorials & the Q&A sessions were great also. If something wasn't quite sinking in I could watch the tutorial or ask questions to help me understand the skill/technique. Thanks Lou and Pam

Ann-Maree Jolley

After completing the Click Love Grow Enthusiasts' Course, I wanted to push myself and take my photography to the next level.

I was full of self-­doubt and worry that I wasn't good enough to take on the Advanced Course. After all, I'd only bought my DSLR mid-­way through the Enthusiasts' course and was still getting to grips with the camera. And there were others who took way better photos than I did! But I wanted to improve my skills as a photographer, and I knew the CLG Advanced Course would offer me a well­paced option in an extremely friendly and supportive environment under the awesome tutelage of Louise Glendon. A place where I would be safe among friends to put my work out there for constructive critique. I'm so glad I took this step and kept the momentum going. My photographic skills have increased tenfold.

Angela Eldering


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