Explore and expand your creativity this holiday season!

Exploring The Creative


✔  2 xDetailed PDF Lessons
✔   Holidays Creativity Scavenger Hunt 
✔   Technical and Creative Shooting Tutorials
✔   2 x Q&A Recorded Videos

In this workshop, we'll show you how!

With the expert guidance of CLG mentors Amanda Jane and Almitra you'll explore fun and unique shooting techniques to add beautifully abstract elements to your everyday photos, delve into the topics of self doubt and fear, with strategies to spark your imagination and find creative courage!

And we knoooow holidays can get really busy, but this workshop was designed specifically as a tonic for the crazy that is the holiday season, with the ability to dip in and out as much as you're able to.

Almitra will take you on a journey where you'll embrace curiosity and dig into creative expression. She will talk you through her creative process, share some of the things that help spark her imagination and give you some exercises to help inspire you on your way to making a small series of artworks as your challenge. She'll help open the door to your inner artist, to take the kind of images that weren't even on your radar! 

Mandy will show us how to manipulate light and colour to create beautifully abstract effects in your images through the use of everyday objects such as fairy lights, prisms, copper pipes, chandelier rings and more! This module will arm you with the kind of out-of-the-box tech AND creative skills that bring fun, drama and abstract elements to your photos!

Want to explore your creativity
this festive season?

4 x  Pdf Lessons.  These beautifully written lessons include images examples and pull backs to explain the theories and techniques to how to shoot this style of photography.

Editing Videos.  Bronwyn shares 5 beautiful editing videos showing you how to process light creatively for a finished image. You'll also get access to our recorded Q&A session.

Themed hands-on challenges each week so that you can get out and play with the concepts and lessons taught and put into practice the skills you're discovering. 

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Amanda Jane Dalby is an internationally published family photographer, specialising in timeless and unique portraits. Born and raised in South Africa, she is now based in Surrey, UK with her other half, three young children and a golden retriever.

Amanda started her photographic journey with the Click Love Grow community in 2016. She is driven by a fascination for portraits, and loves to capture fleeting moments for perpetuity.

Her images are known for their use of light, both in framing the subjects and as a subject in its own right. Amanda’s work was selected for The Best of 2018 by National Geographic Your Shot, and is also regularly featured and published in Vogue Italia PhotoVogue, and National Geographic’s Daily Dozen.

your Photography Mentors

CLG Mentor Amanda Jane Dalby

Almitra Hill is a creative photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She started with Click Love Grow’s Enthusiast and Advanced courses five years ago and is now a photographic artist and Vice President of Lane Cove Creative Photography.

Almitra is one of life’s quiet types, with a mind that likes to wander. She is known for her use of alternative shooting techniques, notably freelensing; that bring a sense of ambiguity and escapism to her images. She likes to imagine viewers losing themselves in her artworks in the same way she loses herself in making them.

CLG Mentor Almitra Hill