Learn how to capture beautiful macro flower photography & enhance your creativity with macro photos

Macro Flower Photography


✔  4 x Inspiring & Detailed PDF Lessons
✔   Detailed Set-ups and Pull-Back Examples
✔   Hands On Challenges To Shoot
✔   Recorded Q&A & Editing Videos

In this workshop, we'll show you how!

Because if you've ever admired beautiful, crisp and detailed macro flower photography.. and wished you could take images like that yourself... now is the time to dive right in!

Or perhaps you already enjoy macro photography, but you'd love to be inspired to stretch yourself creatively and learn some new tips and tricks for improving?

During this workshop, CLG Mentor Mel Champion will take us behind the scenes to share her processes, lighting, shooting and editing techniques for capturing awe inspiring macro photography of flowers and nature.

This is an online, hands on workshop designed to help you pick up your camera and push yourself creatively, to try new skills or polish up your existing skills in a positive and fun learning environment.

Want to create beautiful, inspiring macro flower photography?

4 x  Pdf Lessons.  These beautifully written lessons include images examples and pull backs to explain the theories and techniques to how to shoot this style of photography.

Editing Video & Recorded Q&As.  Watch how Mel finished her macro images in LR in this editing video! Plus get access to our recorded Q&A Video.

Themed hands-on challenges each week so that you can get out and play with the concepts and lessons taught and put into practice the skills you're discovering. 

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Mel Champion is our guest CLG Mentor, specialising in macro and floral photography. She  lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and 3 children and adorable pup Hugo who features in our video shots above. Mel took our Enthusiast & Advanced Courses several years ago and has since become known for her stunning, intricate, and beautifully lit macro photos of flowers... and her favourites, wilting blooms.

Mel loves macro photography because of the images she can create from seemingly ordinary flowers, but also because of how it really slows her down to be present in the moment.

During this workshop Mel will be sharing 4 weeks of lessons on different aspects of macro photography, how she sets up and shoots, works with light, and edits her final images. 

your Photography Mentor

CLG Mentor Mel Champion