Discover the joy and magic in childhood moments through beautiful photos!

Magic of Childhood


✔  4 x Beautiful PDF Lessons 
✔   Stories, Photo Set-ups and Image Examples
✔   Hands On Challenges To Shoot
✔  Editing Videos from Emma & Becca 

Ever feel overwhelmed or rushed trying to get 'the shot' when capturing moments and memories of your kids? 

Do you want to be able to step back and capture documentary/lifestyle images of your kids that are beautifully colourful and aesthetically appealing?

Without feeling so overwhelmed about all there is to remember?

If you're nodding along YES...?

Then this workshop is for you!

CLG Advanced Instructors Becca Lord-Lyon and Emma Davis will share the Magic of Childhood with you, as you explore the art of storytelling and becoming a photographic storyteller.

Becca and Emma are renowned for their stunning storytelling photography, creating images which walk the tightrope between pure documentary and staged lifestyle, images which tell the stories of their children’s lives in a way that is both authentic and artistic. 

In our beautiful new workshop, they’ll share all their secrets, including styling, composition, shooting and editing so you, too, can become a photographic storyteller and the keeper of YOUR children’s childhood memories, no matter their ages.

Emma is a mum of six and her children range in age from  3 - 18, and she will share activities and shooting ideas for all ages inbetween which children will enjoy taking part in, to create those beautiful memories!

4 x  Pdf Lessons (125 Pages).  These beautifully written lessons include images examples and pull backs to explain the theories and techniques to how to shoot this style of photography.

Watch Me Edit Videos Both Emma and Becca have recorded videos so you can watch their editing process and hear how they approach things differently! You'll also get access to recordings of our Q&A with both Becca + Emma!

Themed hands-on challenges each week so that you can get out and play with the concepts and lessons taught and put into practice the skills you're discovering. 

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Emma Davis is an amateur photographer and CLG Instructor based in Sydney, Australia. Emma is mum to 6 kids, and uses her photography skills to record their lives and capture beautiful and creative images. 

Since taking the Click Love Grow Advanced Course in 2019, she's found herself drawn more and more towards a storytelling style of photography, a little more planned than documentary and a little more spontaneous than lifestyle, and these days, her camera is never far from reach.

Your Photography Mentors

CLG Mentor Emma Davis

Becca Lord-Lyon is a CLG Instructor and amateur photographer with a love of childhood photography. Becca lives in Cheshire, England with her daughter Lenox and husband Callum. After her daughter was born in 2018 she enrolled in the Enthusiast Course and jumped at the chance to complete the Advanced Course later that year. 

Her main focus is capturing her daughter growing up and focusing on making memories together. She’s a lover of colour and how the colour wheel can be used in childhood photography. After joining in with Click Love Grow’s Project 52, she’s been shooting a photo a week for two and a half years.

CLG Mentor Becca Lord-Lyon