✔  4 x Beautiful Lessons
✔   Q&A Recording with Sue
✔   Location Scouting Tours & Editing Videos
✔   Behind The Scenes Video Of A Pro In Action!

Professional Family & Kids Photography

With Sue Thorn

In this beautiful new workshop from professional photography Sue Thorn, you’ll get to learn exactly how she plans and shoots gorgeous family sessions! This workshop is packed with value, and I know you're going to love it!

Ever Wanted To Know How A
Pro-Photographer Runs Their Sessions? 

From locations, to posing, to editing...

This Workshop Takes You Inside It All! 

Join Pro Photographer Sue Thorn as she takes you inside her business to share exactly how she plans and runs Kids & Family Photography Sessions!

Whether you are looking for ideas on posing, locations and editing for your OWN kids, or you'd love to take your portrait photography to the next level and start offering sessions yourself, this workshop is for you!

I remember first learning photography and wanting to soak up everything I could to get better photos of my kids - and I always wondered how the pros did it! How did they find such great locations, what did they say to help their subjects pose or look so comfortable in the images, and how did they get so much variety in their shots.

It was SUCH a mystery - and that's why I'm so excited to share this workshop with you - because Sue is sharing exactly how she does it!

You'll go with her to scout locations, she'll share her planning processes and how she communicates with clients, how the session itself is run, and of course all the other parts that happen AFTER aswell! You'll get to watch editing videos and learn about those important business aspects... and mindset, to taking those next steps!

Sue has shared SO much in this workshop and it's an absolute investment into your photography whether you're shooting for yourself, OR for others!! 

4 x Pdf Lessons.  These beautifully written lessons include images examples and pull backs to explain the theories and techniques to how to shoot this style of photography.

Q&A Recording + Watch Me Edit Videos. Recording of Lou & Sue's live call where they dive deeper into answering student questions and help you through the lesson challenges!

Get Immediate Access To...

Themed hands-on challenges each week so that you can get out and play with the concepts and lessons taught and put into practice the skills you're discovering. 

I started with the CLG Enthusiast Course 5 years ago, followed with the Advanced Course and has not stopped photographing since. As I practiced on my own kids, pretty soon friends noticed and started asking me to take photos for them and that grew into my own photography business – and all through word of mouth/referrals.

I never set out to make this a career – it just kind of found me. I’ve had my photography business for 3 years now and I still absolutely love what I do. When a client says to me “I don’t know how you did that” or “you’re a magician/child whisperer” it makes me feel so blessed that I get to do a job I love and that I can get the best out of their kids so they can enjoy these memories for years to come.

I mostly photograph newborn babies, cake smashes, maternity, kids and families. I have shot the odd wedding and business photography and I love landscapes, but it’s the kids photos that give me the biggest buzz. I absolutely LOVE getting the best out of kids to give their parents the beautiful, natural and fun images of their kids they want. When they tell me that they haven’t been able to get any nice photos of their kids themselves – I get all the warm and fuzzies. It’s like a challenge that I have to accept!
I also love the business side of things! It’s in my blood as my family are business owners, so I knew when I first started how important the customer experience is so that they book you again… and again, and again, AND refer you to their friends! 


Your Photography Mentor