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get out of auto mode

Love Stories {by Dana Schulte Whitley}

One day, Dana Schulte Whitley (who graduated from our Enthusiast Photography Course and Advanced Photography Course just this year!!), announced in our graduates group that she loved shooting couple’s portraits so much she had decided to make this genre the focus of her business. I’d loved all of Dana’s work, but her couples portraits in […]

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Create Dramatic Portraits with Single Window Light

    It’s a common misconception that when you want to start taking more dramatic portraits, you need to invest in buying, and learning how to use, studio lights or off-camera-flash.  While these can come in handy for some genres of photography, if you’re looking to enhance your own photography skills and take more dramatic […]

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We Love {Week Eight}

There’s an air of celebration (mixed with sadness!) in our latest Enthusiast Photography Course, as our students just completed their eighth and final lesson! Our students were an amazing group of people and their enthusiasm and commitment to learning how to take beautiful photos whilst using their cameras in full manual mode was consistent throughout […]

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dslr manual mode for beginners

We Love {Week Six}

It’s portrait week on our Enthusiast Photography Course! Our students were given a brief, and of course they had to shoot it in manual mode to keep practicing their newly acquired skills. The amazing shots in the challenge album prove they’re really mastering their DSLRs, which has given them complete control to create images as […]

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