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The Top 5 Kids Photography Mistakes

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  1. Plia Lau says:

    I usually make my kids say Hi instead of cheese so they still smile but they feel more natural than the typical cheesy smile. I love the letting them tickle each other approach. I’ve since learned more about off camera flash inside my house and I love the flexibility of that even if it means the kids have to stay in one place. I’m Quickly discovering that not having to rely on the sun all the time for lighting is an awesome feeling even though my favorite time to shoot is during golden hour. With just a canon speedlite and a reflective umbrella placed at 45 degrees and 45 inches away, I am able to achieve pretty flattering loop lighting that looks like I’m In a actual studio but it’s only in my living room. But with that speedlite I don’t have to shoot wide open as the flash is pretty bright already. So I actually shoot at f9, ISO 200 and 1/160. I have a simple seamless looking background and so don’t need to worry about blurring my background. But if the clothing is bright, ithe colors will pop against white or black or neutral background for sure.

  2. Candace says:

    I get my oldest son talking about his favorite things–dinosaurs and mine craft. It’s great because I get such genuine happiness coming from his face AND we get a little mother-son one-on-one bonding time!

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