By Student Sarah Lees

Our beautiful student results...

By Student Ina Wessels

Now, I can take photos of my kids that I used to pay for!

I had previously tried different courses without any success... 
But enrolling in Louise’s Enthusiast Photography Course was the turning point for my photography. I now understand exposure and how to use my manual settings to achieve the vision in my head. 

Belle Drake

Thank you so very much still doesn't cover how grateful I am for what you have taught me. Fantastic course, worth every penny. I have learnt so much! You have changed the way I photograph forever and that is so awesome!!

Katie trimper

I would 100% recommend the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Course.
I had an entry level DSLR for a few years, but have only ever used it in auto. 

With Click Love Grow, I found the perfect environment to learn and finally – FINALLY – it was all sinking in!! Ever since then I have only used my camera in full manual – something I didn’t feel was possible in such a short period of time!

I have allowed myself to recognise my passion for photography, and given myself permission to learn it. I’m excited, because the environment is so un-intimidating. I’m so glad I found it!

Alana Prosper

Thank you for changing my life into a creative one Click Love Grow! 

Before completing the 8 week course I was a point and shoot, let's hope for the best (hope I got a good photo out of 50). Most of my photos would be blurry and out of focus! But in just 8 weeks I am becoming confident in knowing the settings and lighting to achieve a great photo.

My photography I have improved ten fold! No more blurry photos! I can take great photos of my girls now that make them pop and not everything else in the picture.  I was a complete beginner shooting in auto, to now being able to shoot in full manual! 

I loved every minute and learnt so much in a short time... The Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course honestly changed my life!

Rebecca Seen

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precious moment captured by Suzie Bell 

Check out their before & after results from just 8 weeks of the CLG Photography Course:

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Beautiful portrait by madi mcnamara

precious moment captured by Suzie Bell 

& Love this portrait by Whitney Lannie Villanueva‎

I have done quite a few photography courses/workshops over the years and this one has been the most valuable by far.

From the presentation of the lessons to the challenges and critiquing, I have learnt something every step of the way. I love the online Facebook Group where you feel comfortable sharing your images and engaging in conversation with other passionate photographers. It has been such a positive experience for me. One which has not only taught me new technical skills but also opened my creative eye to a world of photographic possibilities and re-ignited my passion for photography. Thanks to this course I feel ready to take my photography to the next level.

Louise napoletano

Taking the Click Love Grow Advanced Course was the best photography related choice I’ve made.

It really helped me elevate my photography to the next level.

Do yourself a favour and take this course!!
You won’t regret it!! Xx

Tawni Ogren

It is such a great course. I can't believe how far I have come in eight very short weeks.

I'm sad (and feel a bit lost) that the course is over but I have learnt such valuable tips and have "met" some really nice people through the course. They are so encouraging and helpful. Lou and Pam are so knowledgeable and I feel so lucky that they are willing to share all their experience and insider tips and tricks! I have had an absolute blast and would highly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you!

Melissa Bernard

Wow! What an amazing course!

The lessons and videos are fun and super easy to follow along with, but by far the best part is the wonderfully supportive group of teachers and students to help you along the way.

When you are trying something new and have a thousand questions or you just want people to see your new favourite shot, this group of talented ladies are always there with love, support and advice.

Would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level!

Heidi Talic

Sarah Gauslaa

Completing the Advanced Photography Course completely changed me right from the beginning.

I had put my camera down and forgotten about it until the day I signed up to the course.

I have so much fire in my belly to continue with what I love….photography.

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