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Like most brand-new mums, when I brought my eldest baby home from the hospital, I was smitten. I was convinced I had the most gorgeous bub in the world (of course!) and was determined to capture that gorgeousness through the Best. Photographs. EVER.

But despite my expensive equipment (and the undeniable cuteness of my child!) all the photos came out looking… kind of blah.

My frustration continued over the weeks and months to come – the family gatherings, the holiday shots, the candle-topped birthday cakes…

Forget about ‘happy snaps’, these were crappy snaps

My style is…
Relaxed, intuitive, genuine. I’m all about taking photos in way that captures the emotion and experience of the moment. It’s real-life, just with its best foot forwards!

I do this work because…
Life is travelling by so quickly. And for me, taking beautiful photos helps to slow down the passage of time.

In one well-taken image, you can capture the memory of your beachside holiday, or the softness of your baby’s skin, or the random magic of an afternoon at the park. Life might be racing by like a freight train, but we can savour these memories – and the feelings behind them – forever.

My favourite thing to photograph is…
My family!

I live with my hunky husby, two daughters and baby boy in Adelaide Australia (we recently moved back after an expat stint in Savannah USA ) When I’m not hanging out with them (and annoying them with my DSLR!), you’ll find me catching up with friends, baking fabulous cakes, and busting out the occasional tap-dancing move!

I believe that…
The person behind the camera is the most important factor in taking a good shot – way more significant than having the most expensive camera or 17 different lenses.

And my big, underlying philosophy is…

That ANYONE can learn to take amazing photos.

No matter how much experience you’ve had, no matter what sort of equipment you’ve got, and no matter whether you consider yourself ‘artistic’ or not. Really. Photography is a skill like any other – you just need the right teacher, the right techniques, and a little practice.

So are you ready to start taking beautiful photos and capturing all your important moments?

If you’re keen to ditch the crappy snaps in favour of stunning pics, you can…

This is where I share loads of easy-to-implement tips and tricks that’ll have you clicking with confidence in no time.

I also offer online courses to help you take fantastic photos…

I just couldn’t seem to capture these amazing, important moments in the way that I wanted to. Where was the sparkle? Where was the personality? Where was that special something that I saw so clearly in my mind’s eye, but that damn well wasn’t showing up in the frame?!

Cue mega frustration, a few minor tantrums (the baby’s, not mine – I promise!) and the beginning of a beautiful journey into the wonderful world of photography…

Over the next few years – after a heap of study, experimentation and trial by fire – I became a professional photographer, specialising in my true love of Boudoir Photography.

But throughout it all, I always remembered those initial feelings of frustration and inadequacy when I couldn’t take the kinds of images that I wanted.

That’s why I created Click Love Grow.

This is where I share all my professional expertise and hard-won tips and tricks in a way that’s accessible, easy to understand, and super supportive.

Best of all, everything I share really works. This is about giving you the most ‘bang’ for your photographic buck – I only want to show you the things that matter, and that will make the most impact on your end results (‘cos life’s too short to waste time worrying about Megapixels!).

Lou xo

Learn everything you need to know to use your camera effectively and take amazing photos, all in the comfort of your own home.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy snapping,

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