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CLG Conference 6-8 July 22


Much as we love the organic nature of documentary and lifestyle portraits, there’s beauty in the simplicity of uncluttered studio portraits, which highlight our subjects so powerfully. That said, you don’t need a studio to take beautiful, simple studio portraits easily at home. So today’s highlights reel is a collection of studio portraits taken by […]

How To Take Studio Portraits At Home

studio portrait of baby girl

Black and White Editing: How to Edit A Moody Portrait

Whilst it’s true that converting an image to black and white is as simple as a single click, it takes a little more work to really bring a black and white portrait to life. In this video, I’ll show you how to convert an image to black and white in Adobe Lightroom, then make a […]

As Mums, it can be so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And somehow, it always seems the things we enjoyed doing and made us happy pre-kids find themselves slipping further and further down the to-do list, until one day we realise we’ve ended up not making any […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight On April Lashley

How To Get In The Frame With Your Kids

portrait of mother and son on bed with puppy

If you’re anything like me, you probably have albums filled with images of your kids – lots of photos of your kids with their dad, and their grandparents, and their friends and… everyone except you! But trust me when I say YOU are important too, mama, and it’s so important for you to get in […]

Some of our students come to us having never picked up a camera before, with absolutely zero knowledge of photography. But most of our students find their way to Click Love Grow because they have been taking photos for a little while and have become frustrated with the limitations of auto mode and the blurry, […]

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight On Lauren Sunnen

Sunflower Photography – 8 Tips For Stunning Pictures!

photography of girl running between sunflowers

Sunflower photography instantly inspires you to grab your camera, find your closest field and take pictures. And it’s no surprise because sunflowers are associated with warmth, positivity, joy and summer. In fact, they’re considered to be one of the happiest flowers around!  Becca Lord-Lyon is a CLG instructor and award-winning photographer based in England. She […]

Golden hour is a term you would be familiar with even if you’re only a tiny way into your photography learning! Maybe you’re wondering what it is, or why everyone is seemingly mad for it. Or maybe you already know, and you just want to learn how to use it yourself…   What is the […]

10 Golden Hour Photo Tips for Beginners

Highlights Reel – 50 Stunning Images from the CLG Community

Welcome to our first Highlights Reel of 2022 (and it’s our biggest yet!). After being away for a bit of a summer break it was wonderful to go for a wander in the Grad’s group and see what everyone had been shooting. We have a beautiful mix of warm summery vibes from our fellow Aussies […]

Happy Monday and welcome to our weekly  Highlights Reel of the images that inspired us this week, all taken by our talented Grads! If you’re interested in learning photography in an uplifting and positive community of women, to start taking photos you LOVE, check out courses here… I’d love to help you get started! And […]

Highlights Reel – Celebrating our Talented Grads

48 Festive Christmas Card Photo Ideas

This week’s highlights reel is a reminder that all the big end of year celebrations are not far away!! In recognition of our upcoming 3 Day Holidays Photography Challenge, it’s a sparkly collection of Grad images to inspire your end of year portraits and holiday and Christmas card photo ideas! If you want to join […]