Golden hour is a term you would be familiar with even if you’re only a tiny way into your photography learning! Maybe you’re wondering what it is, or why everyone is seemingly mad for it. Or maybe you already know, and you just want to learn how to use it yourself… What is the golden […]

How to Capture Breathtaking Golden Hour Photos

Photographing Your Baby’s Milestones – A First Year Photoshoot

Baby holding a yellow flower

Your baby’s first year will go super fast! Moreover, it’s a year filled with more baby milestones, special moments, and details that change in a heartbeat than any other year in life.  When it’s happening, you assume it will all be imprinted on your memory forever. However, that year tends to be a bit of […]

DIY Newborn Photography A professional newborn photo session is a luxury and a treat and, as photographers, we naturally appreciate the value. But we know realistically you can’t employ a pro every other week, and your baby is changing and growing every other day! So if you want to DIY your newborn’s photo session, we’ve […]

7 Essential Tips For Stunning DIY Newborn Photos

Are You Making These Top 5 Kids Photography Mistakes?

smiling child in photo with tulips

Do you reach for the camera on special occasions, and for  every milestone and outing, only to be disappointed when your photos don’t turn out how you imagined? Your kids run the other way, the light just doesn’t look right… or you can’t put your finger on why exactly it just didn’t turn out like […]

I remember when I got my first “good” camera. It was pretty exciting because I had a baby girl and I planned to take beautiful photos of her as she grew… but the excitement turned to frustration very quickly when that camera didn’t produce the images I expected it to. At first I wondered if […]

The Photography Course That Works – Subah Sinha, Student

Click Love Grow Grads – Artist Spotlight On Lauren Sunnen

Some of our students come to us having never picked up a camera before, with absolutely zero knowledge of photography. But most of our students find their way to Click Love Grow because they have been taking photos for a little while and have become frustrated with the limitations of auto mode and the blurry, […]

Avoid these Mistakes in Your B&W Photos! A beautiful black & white photo will be dramatic, artistic, eye catching and richly textured. We can render any image black & white with the press of a button in any editing program. But does that ensure a beautifully rich black & white work of art? Read on […]

Delicious Black & White Photo Essentials

Bronwyn Pickering

A Photography Course for Busy Working Mums – Courtney Yegian, Student

Courtney Yegian has spent a LOT of money for someone else to take professional photos of her two little boys… even though she had her own DSLR! In fact, she’d been into photography ever since high school, but she always shot in auto and sports modes. But here’s the thing… this mom from Boston works […]

Are you the keeper of your family’s memories? Estella Ward is a Click Love Grow Grad with a strong desire to preserve memories and store them safely in albums, something that was reinforced after losing close relatives at a very young age. She also wanted to appear in her future family photos, as growing up […]

The Memory Keeper – Estella Ward, Student

Sunflower Photography – 8 Tips For Stunning Pictures!

photography of girl running between sunflowers

Sunflower photography instantly inspires you to grab your camera, find your closest field and take pictures. And it’s no surprise because sunflowers are associated with warmth, positivity, joy and summer. In fact, they’re considered to be one of the happiest flowers around!  Becca Lord-Lyon is a CLG instructor and award-winning photographer based in England. She […]