Young girls’ flower portrait photography can be a challenge, but with the right lighting and composition, you can create stunning portraits that showcase the beauty of these blossoms. While the spontaneity of documentary and lifestyle photography have their own kind of magic, there will always be a place for the classic beauty of traditional portraiture, […]

Young Girls Photography – Behind The Scenes Of a Flower Portrait Shoot

flower portrait photography of young girl

The Unexpected Lighting Trick For Colourful & Vibrant Portraits

Are you missing out on capturing some of your kid’s most fun moments because they’re happening in the midday sun? We’ve all been there – the sun is high up in the sky, casting harsh shadows, and you find yourself hesitating to capture that perfect shot. But parents of young kids know that outdoor life […]

Do you reach for the camera on special occasions, and for  every milestone and outing, only to be disappointed when your photos don’t turn out how you imagined? Your kids run the other way, the light just doesn’t look right… or you can’t put your finger on why exactly it just didn’t turn out like […]

Are You Making These Top 5 Kids Photography Mistakes?

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Kids Photography – 12 Fun Summer Photo Ideas

Today we’ve got 12 fantastic summer photo ideas for kids photography! We wrote this blog post in May (which is almost winter in our part of the world!), especially for our northern hemisphere friends (lucky ducks!). It features fantastic photo ideas for kids that embrace the outdoors and all the warmth, colour and fun that […]

Family Photoshoot Ideas If the idea of a family photoshoot makes you feel nervous, you’re definitely not alone! In fact, even the most seasoned professional photographers will admit to getting the old ‘butterflies in the tummy’ before taking family photos for someone else. It’s a feeling Click Love Grow Advanced Grad and professional child and […]

Directing a Professional Family Session – 3 Essential Tips From a Pro!

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7 Tips for Documenting Family at Home

what is documentary photography

When it comes to documenting family in photos, our story is best told through capturing the small, everyday moments from our daily lives. You know what I’m talking about… little things such as a sweet face smeared in pasta sauce, which will remind you in 20 years how much your baby loved lasagna back in […]

Colour is one of the most impactful elements in photos. It can capture the mood of a moment, or a subject’s emotion. We can use it to elicit a feeling from the viewer. The choice of tones can convey personality and character, youth and fun. It can draw the eye in and lead it exactly […]

How to Use Colour for Beautiful Storytelling Photos

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17 Tips for Capturing Everyday Moments of Your Kids

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Documentary photography is a fly on the wall approach to capturing life, which is perfect for taking photos of our kids in their everyday moments! The result is an authentic story of their childhood that you can put into albums and pass down the generations of your family. There’s a challenge that comes with capturing […]

Sunflower photography instantly inspires you to grab your camera, find your closest field and take pictures. And it’s no surprise because sunflowers are associated with warmth, positivity, joy and summer. In fact, they’re considered to be one of the happiest flowers around!  Becca Lord-Lyon is a CLG instructor and award-winning photographer based in England. She […]

Sunflower Photography – 8 Tips For Stunning Pictures!

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4 Easy Tips to Get Sharp Photos of Moving Kids

“How do I get sharp photos of my kids when they won’t.stop.moving?!” That’s one of the single most asked questions we get about photographing kids in our community. And the good news is your camera can nail it, you just need to know how… and we got you! Read on for our top tips then […]