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In this beautiful new workshop from professional photographer Kristen Gurney, you’ll learn exactly how she plans and shoots gorgeous in-home family sessions! This workshop is packed with value, and I know you're going to love it!

✔  4 x Beautiful PDF Lessons 
✔   Full Editing Videos
✔   Location Walk-Through Video
✔   Watch Kristen Direct & Shoot a Client Session
✔   LIVE Fb Group & Q&A call with Kristen

In Home Lifestyle Photography


Capture Beautiful In-Home Lifestyle Photography Sessions

Join Pro Photographer Kristen Gurney as she takes you inside her business to share exactly how she plans and runs in-home lifestyle family sessions!

Whether you are looking for ideas on capturing your OWN kids indoors, or you'd love to “winter proof” your portrait photography and start offering sessions inside client homes, this workshop is for you!

I remember offering to take family photos for a friend when I was starting out in photography. I envisioned stunning images awash with light, and framed by beautiful architecture and cool contemporary styling, just like I’d seen online.

But the reality was quite different! Her house was a little dark, somewhat cluttered, definitely not “styled” (let alone any interesting architecture)... and the photos looked more like snapshots. In fact it scared me off in-home sessions and for a long time I limited myself to outdoor sessions.

 How did the pro’s make it work? Surely every home they go to isn’t Insta perfect?

It was a mystery to me, and that's why I'm so excited to share this workshop with you - because Kristen is sharing exactly how she creates Insta-worthy in-home family photos… even when the house is dark, cluttered, and just ordinary!

You'll follow along as she tours a client house and learn how she works with imperfect spaces to make magic no matter what she’s presented with. She'll share how she communicates with clients to prepare them and their home for the best outcome, how she runs the session itself, and all her pro tips for avoiding the dreaded snapshot look!

Go behind the scenes to watch her directing a family, and learn how to capture all the combinations including kids, newborns and furbabies. Oh AND you'll get to watch how she edits out clutter that can’t be moved!

Kristen has shared SO much in this workshop and it's an absolute investment into your photography as you’ll gain the skills to shoot anywhere… even when it’s cold and raining!

This Workshop Takes You Inside It All!

Enjoy behind the scenes to watch a pro photographer in action! You'll see Kristen shoot and direct clients during an in-home session. Plus she'll take you on a location walk through to show you how to make the most of any home.

Watch Pro Photographer Kristen Gurney in action on a client shoot

Watch & Learn


Families & little ones feel most comfortable in their own homes... so learn how to make the most of the light & location for magical images!

What You'll Learn...

All These Lessons Are Included...


You'll love these lessons inside...

The step-by-step workflow from booking a client through to the session, prepping a family and their home, the photographer’s process when she arrives at a client home, plus the best gear for shooting indoors.  

Where to find great light, how to manipulate imperfect spaces for perfect images, getting a varied gallery when you can only shoot in one room, the poses that make the most of the available light, lighting newborns and the best settings for families.


Ideas for capturing every combination, flattering poses for newborns, the rookie posing mistakes to avoid, capturing older kids with babies, and the poses and prompts that draw out a family’s connection for authentic images.


Learn the difference between a snapshot and a portrait as Kristen takes you through the subtle mistakes to avoid, the difference between clutter and life, and all the ways she uses other elements to frame in interesting ways, and add texture, layers and interest for really eye-catching photos.


Follow Kristen as she arrives at a client home and learn the process she follows to find the best locations, watch as she scopes out surprising pockets of light and how she makes them work for her, and get a front row seat to see her directing subjects at an in-home family session.


Live Q&A + Behind The Scenes Video. During Week Three of the workshop, Lou & Kristen will hold a live call so that we can go even deeper into your questions and help you through the lesson challenges! Kristen will also share a video of her shooting a client session and the pitfalls and things to watch out for. 

This Workshop Includes:

Watch Location Walk Through & A Shoot in Action! Kristen will show you in video how she approaches locations, where she shoots and what considerations!

Live FB Community. Come and share your images in an engaged and inspiring online group throughout the workshop. 
Kristen will be active in the group answering questions and offering support to help you through the lessons so you can get the best results.

4 x Weekly Pdf Lessons where Kristen will take you through exactly how she plans a session... how she approaches new locations and works with tricky light and clutter to create beautiful images for her clients.

You are slightly terrified of the idea of shooting in client homes because of all the unknowns of light and home styling and not sure how to make it work.

You have to cancel sessions during winter and rain because you can't shoot outside... so you'd love to learn how to shoot in home for beautiful images. 

You LOVE Kristen's work and you're inspired to learn how to bring her magic into your own images and lear her tricks and techniques for shooting, posing and editing

You want to build skills and learn to work with a range of lighting and locations to capturing beautiful family and small children sessions.

You love to be inspired by new photography challenges and love to watch the behind the scenes of how a shoot really takes place!

How does it work?

Kristen Gurney is a beautiful family, maternity and baby photographer and in this workshop she'll be sharing how to create the magic during in home sessions.

When you join this workshop a new written lesson will be released weekly, with examples, explanations and visual guides... and most importantly hands-on challenges to get out and shoot.

Best of all you'll be part of an online group working through the lessons together, with instructor support from Kristen and the group... to share your images, ask questions, and be inspired by your Click Love Grow community.

Is this workshop for you?

But I know you have some questions...

Do I need to be Professional Photographer to take this workshop? Not at all! Whether you're taking photos of your own kids, friends or family... or you want to improve your skills for your client sessions, this workshop is designed for you!

Do I need any special equipment of lenses?
 All you need is a camera and whatever lenses you already own! Kristen will show you the gear that she uses and explain why she loves it... but there's no pre-set requirements at all for this workshop! It's about learning how to get the most out of the gear you already own.

Is In Home Lifestyle Photography only relevant for those who live in beautiful homes? This is a great question - and ofcourse the answer is NO! This workshop is about showing you how to take small pockets/corners/clearing clutter and working what you have for beautiful photos!

Will this teach me camera settings and how to shoot in manual mode?
This workshop is focused on expanding creative editing skills, and while we will talk about some settings used, it won't cover the step-by-step on how the settings work together or how to shoot confidently in manual. If you're not there yet, check out our Enthusiast Photography Course.

Will I receive 1:1 feedback on my photos?  Unlike our Enthusiast and Advanced Photography Courses, there is no set format for weekly feedback or 1:1 critiquing on your images. However Kristen will be active in the group to comment on images, to support you, provide guidance and answer questions along the way.  

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We'll begin with Lesson #1 on the 8th August!

Join Pro Family & Children's Photographer Kristen Gurney as she shares how to shoot beautiful lifestyle images that capture the love and stories of your clients or your own families at home!


Kristen is a mum of two and based in Melbourne Australia. She completed the Click Love Grow’s Enthusiast and Advanced courses in 2018 and has been running her own lifestyle photography business for four years where she offers family, maternity newborn and branding photography.

Kristen has two beautiful children knows just how crazy the experience of motherhood can be, and how quickly little ones grow. This is what inspired her to start offering relaxed and fun photoshoots in client’s homes to document family times together in the places they feel most comfortable.

Her in home lifestyle photography sessions are all about capturing the stories and love of families, where they are right now!

Your Photography Mentor

CLG Mentor Kristen Gurney

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4 weeks of hands on lessons, inspiring community and the push you need to start shooting beautiful in home sessions!

Jump in quick as this fantastic offer is ending soon... and we get started on the 8th August!

Workshop Begins: 8th August 2022




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