Learn how to plan, direct, pose & shoot beautiful wedding images... from storytelling images to capturing the hero shot! Amy shares it all!

✔  4 x Beautiful PDF Lessons 
✔   Watch Behind The Scenes Shoot Videos
✔   Learn How To Plan A Vendor Wedding
✔   BONUS Speedlight Field Guide for Beginners
✔   Watch Q&A Call with Amy

Pro Wedding Photography


From beautiful storytelling images... to capturing the magical hero shot!

Join Pro Wedding Photographer Amy Philp as she takes you inside her business to share exactly how she plans and shoots a full wedding day, and how you can do it too. 
Tell the story of a couple’s day in a way that sets you apart from other wedding photographers, by learning how to prepare, direct, compose hero images and use light creatively.
You’ll emerge with a jam-packed bag of tricks when you learn how to use a speedlight, and other unexpected artificial light sources and techniques to create incredible images in situations you never could have shot in otherwise.

And because a photographer can’t control when and where a wedding occurs, Amy will give you her pro workarounds for shooting in challenging light… or what to do if it rains!
You'll follow Amy on a shoot to watch her direct a couple and shoot the kind of beautiful portraits that really capture their connection. She'll share how she communicates with clients, her planning processes, and how a typical wedding runs from start to finish.
You’ll also get to start your wedding portfolio without ever having shot an actual wedding, when Amy helps you plan and execute a vendor shoot.
Whether you’ve already got a few weddings under your belt or you’ve never shot a wedding before, but want to know exactly how it’s done, this workshop is for you!

Learn how to plan, direct, pose & light incredible images through a full wedding day!

Amy shares SO much in this workshop & it's a must-have investment into your future career as a sought after wedding photographer! 

What You'll Learn...

All These Lessons Are Included...


You'll love these lessons inside...

How a typical wedding runs from start to finish, communicating with clients, planning and preparation, shot lists for every step of the day, and the best gear for a wedding including how to use a speedlight.

Shooting the wedding portraits including formal portraits with family and friends, and directing the bridal party and couple for photos filled with fun and love. How to get hero compositions that set you apart from other wedding photographers.


What to capture from the moment of entry, until the couple say their goodbyes, including all the formalities and fun in between, and how to capture it all. Using flash photography, long exposure techniques, and other artificial light sources including car lights, torches, sparklers and working with the videographer! 


Visualise, plan and execute a styled wedding shoot in collaboration with other wedding vendors to kick start your portfolio.


Follow Amy along on a couple’s shoot and watch her direct them for beautifully authentic photos filled with love.


Q&A + Behind The Scenes Video. Watch Lou & Amy chat during our Q&A so that we can go even deeper into your questions and help you through the lesson challenges! Amy will also share video of her working with a couple during a shoot so you can learn how to direct/pose and light your shots!

This Workshop Includes:

How To Set Up A Vendor Wedding! Amy will teach you how to gain experience & build your portfolio before you've even shot your first wedding!

Join FB Community. Join our CLG Online Community to share your images and ask questions along the way.  You'll also get to take part in ongoing photography challenges in a range of themes and be inspired by our supportive community.

4 x Weekly Pdf Lessons where Amy will take you through exactly how to run and photograph a wedding day in full!  She'll cover how to work with couples to tell a beautiful story of their day, capture the ceremony to reception and all the shots in between!

You love the idea of capturing beautiful weddings but want to know exactly how it works to be a pro wedding photographer and how to capture an entire day's events

You want to know how to capture stunning storytelling images that show all the wonderful details and moments from couple's day 

You're not sure how to get started as a wedding photographer and want to learn how to build a portfolio of images

You want to build skills and learn to work with a varying range of light so you're prepared to shoot no matter where your wedding takes place

You want to learn how to use a speedlight during weddings and receptions and to create dramatic and fun party shots with your couples!

You are inspired by Amy's gorgeous work, and want to learn exactly how she does it

How does it work?

Amy Philp is a beautiful Wedding Photographer & we're so excited to share these beautiful lessons with you... to help you achieve your own Wedding Photography goals!

When you join this workshop a new written lesson will be released weekly, with examples, explanations and visual guides... and most importantly hands-on challenges to get out and shoot.

Best of all you'll be part of an online group working through the lessons together, with instructor support from Amy and the group... to share your images, ask questions, and be inspired by your Click Love Grow community.

Is this workshop for you?

But I know you have some questions...

What if I've never shot a wedding before? Perfect! Whether you're brand new to weddings, or you have a few under your belt, this workshop is for you! 

Do I need any special equipment?
 All you need is a camera and whatever lenses you already own! Amy will share with you her own go-to gear, what she uses throughout a wedding day and how she captures her images. She will also share how she uses a speedlight, so if you have one of those you might find it handy - but it's not a necessity to complete the workshop!

Will this teach me camera settings and how to shoot in manual mode?
This workshop is focused on expanding creative editing skills, and while we will talk about some settings used, it won't cover the step-by-step on how the settings work together or how to shoot confidently in manual. If you're not there yet, check out our Enthusiast Photography Course.

Will I receive 1:1 feedback on my photos?  Unlike our Enthusiast and Advanced Photography Courses, there is no set format for weekly feedback or 1:1 critiquing on your images. However Amy will be active in the group to comment on images, to support you, provide guidance and answer questions along the way.  

You Don't Want to Miss Adding This to Your CLG Collection!

Join Pro Wedding Photography Amy Philp as she takes you inside her business to share exactly how she plans, directs, poses and captures gorgeous wedding images for her clients on their special day.


Amy Philp is a professional wedding, birth and newborn photographer based in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia. 

As an Advanced CLG Grad, Amy assisted on her first wedding in 2018 and instantly fell in love! She loves that at Weddings people are happy, they’re in love, it’s styled and pretty and there are so many different elements to capture. She says that she loves the challenge of capturing timeless images during a wedding, as they're never the same and can always be unpredictable.

The mum of two little boys especially loves working with light to create hero images for loved up couples, and can't wait to teach you how to do the same!

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