Master the art of posing and perfect your light and settings to take beautiful images! Elevate your business skills and client relationships, and even set up your own natural light studio!

Maternity & Birth Photography


✔  Watch Amy Shoot & Direct 2 Full Maternity Sessions in Studio & Outdoor in Golden Light
✔  Hands On Challenges To Shoot
✔  Bonus Maternity Posing Cards

Maternity & Birth Photography

In This Brand New Workshop Become a Confident
Maternity & Birth Photographer in 
Just 4 Weeks

In this easy to follow workshop, you'll learn how to pose and shoot stunning maternity portraits and capture the raw beauty of a birth... and all from one of our most loved photographers!

Amy is known for her beautiful pregnancy portraits infused with stunning light, and her award winning birth images come alive with unforgettable power and emotion.

This workshop is delivered totally online, so you can access it anywhere, any time! 

You want to learn how to confidently pose and direct a maternity session to capture portraits with striking compositions and varied galleries.

You want to learn how to use the available light to best capture a maternity portrait 

You would love to set up a natural light studio but don't know where to begin or what you need to get started

You want to learn how to capture a birth including the logistics, the technical and artistic considerations, what to capture and how to operate in a birthing space

You have a photography business and want to expand your offerings to include maternity and birth photography

You crave an immersive photography experience where you can fully focus on your craft and enjoy fun photography challenges alongside like-minded women

How does it work?

Amy's nurturing guidance will give you the skills you need to confidently and effortlessly create a gallery of images that resonates deeply with mothers.

You will embark on a path that not only enriches you artistically, but also enables you to provide families with an invaluable gift — a timeless visual narrative of their journey into parenthood.

When you join this workshop written lessons and videos will be released weekly, with examples, explanations and visual guides... and most importantly hands-on challenges to get out and shoot.

Best of all you'll be part of an online group working through the lessons together, with instructor support from Amy and the group... to share your images, ask questions, and be inspired by your Click Love Grow community.

Is this workshop for you?

But I know you have some questions...

Do I need any special equipment? All you need is a camera and whatever lenses you already own! Amy will share with you her own go-to gear, what she uses throughout a session and how she captures her images. 

Do I need access to models to participate? 
We understand that the timing of our workshop may not align perfectly with the availability of actual maternity subjects or births. However, with lifetime access to our comprehensive workshop materials, you will possess an invaluable guide that will empower you when the time comes to embark on real-life shoots. In the interim, we encourage you to work with anyone who can step in as a surrogate maternity model, allowing you to hone your skills and practice the techniques taught in our workshop whilst it's running live.

Will this teach me camera settings and how to shoot in manual mode? This workshop is focused on the skills specific to maternity portraits and birth photography, teaching you how to set up, compose and use natural light, how to direct your subjects. While we will talk about the best settings specific to the genres of maternity and birth photography, it won't cover the step-by-step on how the settings work together or how to shoot confidently in manual mode. If you're not there yet, check out our Enthusiast Photography Course.

Will I receive 1:1 feedback on my photos?  Unlike our Enthusiast and Advanced Photography Courses, there is no set format for weekly feedback or 1:1 critiquing on your images. However Amy will be active in the group to comment on images, to support you, provide guidance and answer questions along the way.  

You Don't Want to Miss Adding This to Your CLG Collection!

Join Amy Philp to master the art of maternity portraits and birth photography, unlock the secrets to capturing the raw beauty and profound emotions, and nurture your skills to become a storyteller of life's most extraordinary moments. 

4 x  Pdf Lessons and videos.  Learn from Amy's vast experience how to expertly direct a maternity session to craft stunning images, and confidently manage the logistics and challenges of a birth session as a photographer.

Shooting & BTS Videos.  In this workshop Amy shares behind the scenes and studio set up videos, you'll also  get access to our recorded Q&A Session and Any's Maternity Posing Cards.

Themed hands-on challenges each week so that you can get out and play with the concepts and lessons taught and put into practice the skills you're discovering. 

Get Immediate Access To...

Video Studio set-up & Tour

Behind The Scenes Shoots

 birth gallery VIDEO walkthroughs

maternity POSING CARDS

Plus Bonus Video & Download Guides


Based in Toowoomba, Australia, Amy Philp is a photographer with a love of natural, authentic images. She loves natural light, and says she's a sucker for a breathtaking sunset, a loved up couple, and those special, once in a lifetime moments.

She believes photography to be an artform that calls us to savour our connections, and it makes her heart skip a beat to create something unique.

With a prolific portfolio spanning various portrait genres, Amy's heart beats hardest in the realm of maternity and birth photography. And that passion was the driving force behind our decision to collaborate with her in creating this exceptional workshop. 

We are delighted to have Amy return as a mentor, ready to guide participants on their photographic journey. Her generosity, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence are certain to inspire and elevate participants... get ready to be inspired and empowered under Amy's expert guidance!

Your Photography Mentor

CLG Mentor amy Philp


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