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We Love Beautiful Portraits {Lesson Six}

This week’s lesson in our Enthusiast Photography Course is all about how to take a beautiful portrait. We gave our students everything they needed to know about lighting, posing and composition, and sent them out to create a beautiful, engaging, well composed and professional looking portrait.

So at this point in the course, they know how to ensure sharp focus, create blurry backgrounds, gain a perfect exposure, all within a balanced and harmonious composition. What’s more, they do it in full manual mode!

We’re amazed at the quality of work that was submitted this week, it’s obvious they’re really mastering their cameras. Check out some of our beautiful student work!

learn dslr manual settings

Angela Brown

how to photograph children

Trudi Jensen

beginners photography lessons

Suzie Bell

beginners photography classes online

Rachel Martin

dslr photography courses online

Pam Telfer

dslr photography lessons online

Mimi Ghisellini

dslr photography classes online

Marcela Massey

online dslr photography lessons

Jennifer Zall

how to shoot in manual mode on dslr

Carolyn Schultz

how to pose children for portraits

Tiffany Bell

learn how to use your dslr online

Cee Mazz

learn how to use a dslr

Claire Louise Byrne

beginners photography courses online

Samantha Whittome Ward

learn how to use your dslr

Dawn Haley Laughlin

online dslr photography lessons for women

Floss Butterworth

dslr photography lessons for women

Jennifer Forrest


We love to celebrate our students’ achievements by sharing some of our favourite images from each lesson. If you’d also like to start improving your photography and take photos you love – join our Free 7 Day Photography Challenge that you can jump into straight away!


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