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The Ultimate Family Posing Guide Yep, we’re talking posing! This family posing guide will give you posing suggestions and some fundamental compositional guidelines to go out and capture really beautiful, authentic family photos with engaging compositions. As you start to master the basics of photography, the next step to improving your portrait photography and taking […]

Ultimate Family Posing Guide

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! Vast areas of negative space is often included in photos mindlessly, the subject gets lost in the frame, and for no good reason. The viewer is left wondering what on earth the photographer was thinking! So does that mean you should always shoot close up, crop tight? No way! […]

10 Spectacular Negative Space Photos

22 Photos of Everyday Moments to Capture Our brand new creative workshop Documenting Family Life kicked off last week, and we’re loving watching on as everyone learns how to view their own everyday moments through new eyes. So this week’s highlights reel of images from our community is a gorgeous collection showcasing  a variety of […]

22 Photos of Everyday Moments to Capture

every day moment photos

Enthusiast Photography Course Customer Stories   A DSLR is a fantastic investment if you’re a photo lover, because they have all the functions you need to bring your artistic vision to life, and to easily capture tricky subjects, like a 2yo on the move! In short, they’re built to take amazing photos, and that’s why […]

Student Case Study – Dawn Laughlin

A Highlights Reel of Inspiration There’s an air of celebration over in our Advanced Photography Course this week, as students graduate after completing 10 weeks of in-depth learning modules and challenges designed to push them out of their comfort zone and elevate their skills! And didn’t they step it up! So today I’m thrilled to […]

CLG Course Love – A Highlights Reel of Advanced Student Images

A Posing Guide for Awesome Photos of Teen Guys To state the obvious, quite often males aren’t the most comfortable in front of the camera, and that applies especially in the case of teen guys. So when it comes to poses for guys, it makes a huge difference to simply direct them, because on the […]

9 Prompts & Poses for Guys

ideas for seniors pictures

Try These Stunning Rainbow Reflection Photos   Rainbow reflection photos was the theme of a recent challenge in our Grad’s group, and we were so inspired by the fabulous images, so rich in vibrant colour and fun effects, that we decided it would be the subject of this week’s highlights reel and tutorial. All of […]

How to Create Rainbows in Your Photos

When it comes to documenting family in photos, our story is best told through capturing the small, everyday moments from our daily lives. You know what I’m talking about… little things such as a sweet face smeared in pasta sauce, which will remind you in 20 years how much your baby loved lasagna back in […]

7 Tips for Documenting Family at Home

what is documentary photography

21 Delicious Food Photos This week’s highlights reel is a celebration of our Beautiful Food Photography Creative Workshop, which just wrapped up last week! Over 4 week students were led through fun lessons and hands-on challenges by international award winning food photographer and cook book author Naomi Sherman. They learned all her secrets to her […]

21 Delicious Food Photos

Documentary Photography for Storytelling Photos Photographer’s child syndrome is real at the best of times, but these days with most of us stuck at home, it’s even more tricky to get photos of our kids! For that reason we love a documentary style approach to capturing our kids in photos. It not only takes the […]

Tell Your Family Story with Documentary Photography

best documentary photos