Feeling a creative urge, but not sure where to begin? Or perhaps you can’t get out of the house to try any kind of photography that you need to leave your own space to find, because: kids. Don’t despair! Abstract is the perfect technique for stretching your creativity. And the fabulous thing about abstract photography is you […]

Abstract Photography – 30 Ideas to Bust Your Creative Rut!

2024 Featured Artists Reel #8 – Our Fave Grad Photos

Welcome to our weekly highlights reel of Featured Artists! Each week we showcase a collection of our favourite images taken by the talented Click Love Grow Students and Grads from our Online Photography Courses & Workshops. Congrats to our featured artists this week: Anna Menendez, Bek Alexander, Charlie O’Neill, Connie Rac, Daniella, Jypsie Cronan, Kate […]

Newborn & Toddler Photography Tips, Posing & Prompts Finding some inspiring photo ideas when shooting a toddler is challenging enough… throw in a newborn and that’s next level! You could just pop that toddler in the frame at the absolute last second and crazily fire off a round of high speed continuous shots. Bam, done! […]

Toddler & Newborn Photography Guide

newborn and toddler photo ideas

7 Essential Tips For Stunning DIY Newborn Photos

DIY Newborn Photography A professional newborn photo session is a luxury and a treat and, as photographers, we naturally appreciate the value. But we know realistically you can’t employ a pro every other week, and your baby is changing and growing every other day! So if you want to DIY your newborn’s photo session, we’ve […]

Do you reach for the camera on special occasions, and for  every milestone and outing, only to be disappointed when your photos don’t turn out how you imagined? Your kids run the other way, the light just doesn’t look right… or you can’t put your finger on why exactly it just didn’t turn out like […]

Are You Making These Top 5 Kids Photography Mistakes?

smiling child in photo with tulips

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Amy Perren

Have you always dreamed of being a professional photographer, but you don’t feel like your skills are quite at the right level yet? Snap! That’s exactly how Click Love Grow Advanced Grad Amy Perren was feeling before discovering CLG. She knew she wanted to make a career out of photography, but she lacked the confidence […]

If you’ve been thinking about doing our Advanced Photography Course but you’re not fully confident in manual mode yet, that’s totally ok. Maybe you just finished the Enthusiast Photography Course where you learned manual mode, but it’s still really new for you. Or maybe you’ve been dabbling for years and although you haven’t fully mastered […]

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Kelsey Carrillo

father holding toddler up against sunset sky

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Hillary Meyer

As women, the notion of waiting for the perfect moment to do something for ourselves is a familiar one! We put everyone else first, and later never seems to come. And specifically with respect to learning photography, we hear a LOT of stories from our students of procrastinating until they’re “ready”, “better”, “more advanced”. But […]

If you’re new to photography, you’re probably well-versed in seeking out pockets of lovely soft light in which to capture images. After all, light is probably THE biggest fundamental element of photography. Without light, there can be no photos! In fact, that’s why one of the first lessons in our Enthusiast Photography Course is dedicated entirely […]

Click Love Grow Students – Artist Spotlight on Bec Nave

rural landscape at golden hour

Enthusiast or Advanced Course – Which Course Should I Take?

Here at Click Love Grow we specialise in teaching flexible, easy to follow and fun online photography courses, and if you’ve been looking at our course options you’ll know that we offer both a beginner and an advanced level class. And you might be wondering, which of these two courses is right for you? Infact […]