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Beautifully backlit photos are dreamy, warm, golden, whimsical…what’s not to love? But there’s more to creating a stunning backlit portrait than finding light and putting it behind your subject. Click Love Grow Instructor Merissa Wakefield is a master of backlit photography, and she has shared her top 3 secrets for nailing your next shoot!   […]

3 Secrets To Beautiful Backlit Photos

backlit photos of kid at the beach holding an umbrella

9 Super Fun Kids Photography Ideas – Capturing Brothers

brothers photography sitting on steps

When it comes to kids photography, Dana Whitley, a Click Love Grow Advanced Graduate photographer, has a knack for candidly capturing her boy brothers. Through her delicious portraits, she records their childhood in a way that communicates their essence and connection. As her photos are universally loved in our community, we asked her to share […]

Generally we don’t set out to theme our weekly highlights reel of Grad photos. The purpose of the post is to simply show off our Grads, to give them back some love by taking the time to curate our faves, and give them the thrill of being featured somewhere outside of the socials. But sometimes […]

Highlights Reel – 30 Striking Bursts of Colour

How to Get Blurred Backgrounds In Photos (Even With a Kit Lens)

photo of girl with lens blurred background

How to Get Blurred Backgrounds (Even with a Kit Lens) Creating background blur in your photos is one of the biggest differences between a snapshot and a professional photo. It’s also one of the most effective ways to isolate your subject, and add depth to your photos. “How do I make the background blurry? or […]

To put it in simple terms, Photoshop overlays, as the name suggest, are basically just one image placed over another  to add all manner of creative effects – light, colour, texture, composite elements, enhancements… the possibilities are endless! In this video, I’ll show you how to add an overlay to your image, inlcluding how to […]

Creative Editing: How to Use Photoshop Overlays

Senior Portrait Photography – Portraits Of Ben

Taking on a long-term photography challenge is a great way to improve your photography skills, and for Advanced Graduate Deb Signorelli, it has also been an opportunity to spend quality time with her teenage son, Ben. At the start of the year, Deb jumped on board our Project p52 with the intention of taking one […]

Everyone seems to be outdoors and embracing their inner nature photographer lately! It definitely appeared as the overriding theme when I was curating photos for this week’s highlights reel of Grad shot images. So then I took a peek at the August challenge album in the Advanced Grad’s group, which happened to be themed “nature”… […]

32 Inspiring Nature Photos

AF vs. MF…Which One To Use, And When?

Students often ask me “Is it cheating to use auto focus?”  I’m here to promise that it’s definitely not cheating. It’s what we all do…most of the time! When it comes to AF and MF, auto focus is awesome. I honestly don’t know how photographers managed without it for all those generations!  AF mode is […]

We’ve enjoyed a fantastic week of Advanced Grad celebrations and to round it up on a visually inspiring note, today’s highlights reel is a collection of images taken by some of our talented Advanced Grads! If you’ve mastered the basics of photography… but you’re craving to create images with impact, to shoot in gorgeous light […]

Highlights Reel – Stunning Photos Taken By CLG Advanced Grads

Click Love Grow Customer Stories – Jennifer Magnuson

“Is this course for me?” is a question we see a lot from people who are thinking about taking our Advanced Photography Course. And here’s the thing: If you’re shooting in manual mode, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just out of auto or you’ve been in manual for so long you can work your camera […]