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Advanced Photography Course Student Story Our Enthusiast Photography Course students are beyond thrilled when they graduate because they can shoot confidently in manual mode, and they have new skills in light and composition… and this is hugely liberating because it means they finally control the look of their photos… deliberately! But ultimately, like all little […]

Student Case Study – Charlie O’Neill

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! This week’s highlights reel is a celebration of our Macro Flower Photography Creative Workshop, which just wrapped up last week! Over the last 4 weeks our workshop students were taken behind the scenes by macro floral expert Mel Champion, where they learned how to capture beautifully crisp, detailed and […]

30 Gorgeous Macro Florals

Advanced Photography Course As a mum, I know how hard it is to find time to do something fun and creative that’s just for you… we have to somehow fit it in between all.the.things we do for our kids, but there’s very little time between all.the.things! So because it’s not an essential, we tend not […]

Student Case Study – Emma Davis

A Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! Vast areas of negative space is often included in photos mindlessly, the subject gets lost in the frame, and for no good reason. The viewer is left wondering what on earth the photographer was thinking! So does that mean you should always shoot close up, crop tight? No way! […]

10 Spectacular Negative Space Photos

Advanced Photography Course Student Story Does this sound familiar? You’ve taken control of your DSLR, you’ve worked on your technical skills to take a well-exposed and nicely composed shot that’s in focus. You’re enjoying your photos and know that you’ve made great progress to get into manual mode and take shots that you love. Buuuut….you’re […]

Student Case Study – Bronwyn Pickering

Love Letters from our Students! Led by experienced macro photographer Mel Champion, our Macro Flowers Creative Workshop takes students on a journey of discovery in a positive and supportive online class environment. Over four weeks, alongside like-minded women, Mel takes you behind the scenes and shares her macro shooting secrets for crisp and detailed photos, […]

Creative Workshop Series – Macro Flowers

How to Take Beautiful Travel & Landscape Photos I love travel and landscape photography, but when it comes to shooting those genres myself… let’s just say it’s lucky I’m good at portraits! So when we wanted to write an in depth guide to travel photography for beginners, we turned to Veraine Spiller, arguably our most […]

Travel & Landscape Photography – A Beginners Guide

Birth Photography – How to Shoot a Cesarean Birth Cesarean birth photography is a genre with unique challenges around light, space, safety, protocols and simple logistics! If you’re completely new to birth photography, head here first… it’s our Complete Guide to Birth Photography with Alana Prosper. It details everything you need to know to shoot […]

Birth Photography – A Cesarean Birth

A Complete Guide to Birth Photography Birth photography… As a mother, it makes perfect sense to me to photograph one of the most important days of my life. If only I could go back in time to do it! Sadly, it was barely a genre when I was birthing my littles. As photo sessions go, […]

A Complete Guide to Birth Photography

The Ultimate Family Posing Guide Yep, we’re talking posing! This family posing guide will give you posing suggestions and some fundamental compositional guidelines to go out and capture really beautiful, authentic family photos with engaging compositions. As you start to master the basics of photography, the next step to improving your portrait photography and taking […]

Ultimate Family Posing Guide