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Our Weekly Highlights Reelof Inspiration! Another exciting week at Click Love Grow with students in our Enthusiast Courses, Advanced Course and Beautiful Baby Workshop wrapping up this week… we also had a fantastic multpile exposures challenge in our Grads Group, which provided some gorgeous images to choose from! Is always a tough selection, but these […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}

Advanced Photography Course Customer Stories Kate Rankin embarked on our Enthusiast Photography Course with the simple desire to take better photos of her kids. But in her words, the course left her hungry for more, and it opened a Pandora’s box of a world of photography that ultimately changed her life! Today I had the […]

Student Spotlight on Kate Rankin

A Photo Project CelebratingSummer, Memories & Family Celebrating her daughter’s very first summer by taking a photo a day for a month was only meant to be a once off for Bec Brindley, back in 2013. Little did she know it would be the beginning of an annual family tradition, still going strong 7 projects […]

31 Days of Summer – A Creative Photo Project

How to Capture a Starburst in Your Photos Have you ever wondered how to create a starburst in your photos?  Or maybe you’ve taken some accidentally, and you’re not sure how to do it again, on purpose? It adds an awesome sparkle to a photo and can become the focal point of your composition… whether that’s including […]

How to Capture a Starburst in Your Photos

Making the Most of Low Lightin Lifestyle Photography A lack of good natural light is something that occupies the minds of photographers with more regularity than we care to admit (except to other photographers!). And that truth is felt most keenly with indoor lifestyle photography. Why? Because we can’t control the location and therefore, the […]

Lifestyle Photography Tips for a Dark House

Choosing Lenses – How to Choose the Right Lens for Every Situation! When it comes to lenses, there are so.many.options. It can be totally overwhelming when trying to decide what lens you should use or buy to help you achieve the look you want in your photos. We’re here to break it down for you. […]

What Lens Should I Use?

Kellee’s 5 for 5

A Real Estate Photography Guide There’s no substitute for beautiful professional real estate photos when you’re trying to sell your home. When I’ve been house hunting, I flick straight past a listing if I can see the photos are really poor quality. Even though I know the photos aren’t necessarily an indicator of the home […]

9 Tips for DIY Real Estate Photos

Embracing Photo Challenges for Creative Growth At Click Love Grow we are always encouraging our students and grads to keep learning… and the best thing about our courses is that the fun doesn’t end when you graduate. It’s important to keep practicing what you know and to keep using your skills… but it’s also important […]

How I Became a Better Photographer

Our Weekly Highlights Reelof Inspiration! Do you know how to recognise beautiful light, the kind that flatters your subject? This is what our September Enthusiast Photography Course students learned last week as they sank their teeth in Lesson 2! Meanwhile our August Enthusiast students stepped out of their comfort zones and learned what it takes […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}