Today we’ve got 12 fantastic summer photo ideas for kids photography! We wrote this blog post in May (which is almost winter in our part of the world!), especially for our northern hemisphere friends (lucky ducks!). It features fantastic photo ideas for kids that embrace the outdoors and all the warmth, colour and fun that […]

Kids Photography – 12 Fun Summer Photo Ideas

A Short & Sweet Story of Motherhood

I remember when my children were little and the years ahead felt like they would stretch on forever. Especially the time between birth and starting school, because those days were long. I have memories of days spent on my belly on the living room floor, trying to teach my daughter to roll over, or crawl, […]

If you want to make kids smile quickly and easily for photos, ask them to “say cheese!”. The problem when shooting photos of kids is that, you’ll generally get phony, cheesy, unappealing smiles where they barely even look like their real selves! If you want real smiles from kids, with spontaneous expressions of glee and […]

10 Easy Tricks to Get Real Smiles from Kids for Photos

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Reviews of the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course

“Will the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course really help me take better photos?” So you’ve seen our Enthusiast Photography Course, and you’re wondering if it will really help you get confident in manual mode and take better photos. I totally get it, and it’s a great question to ask!  Before you invest in any […]

When it comes to landscape photography, if you had an unlimited budget you could splurge on all sorts of fancy bells-and-whistles equipment to enhance your experience. But since most of us don’t have a money tree growing in our back yards, it helps to know which photography equipment is essential for a landscape photographer, and […]

Getting Started in Landscape Photography – The Essential Gear

Directing a Professional Family Session – 3 Essential Tips From a Pro!

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Family Photoshoot Ideas If the idea of a family photoshoot makes you feel nervous, you’re definitely not alone! In fact, even the most seasoned professional photographers will admit to getting the old ‘butterflies in the tummy’ before taking family photos for someone else. It’s a feeling Click Love Grow Advanced Grad and professional child and […]

You don’t have to leave home to find photo inspiration, and indulge your love of photography. And when looking for ideas on what to shoot, we looked no further than Alice Mariette – award-winning photographer with an eye for the little things and the heart of an artist. And as a mother of 3 including […]

Photo Inspiration at Home – Finding Magic in Your Everyday

Delicious Black & White Photo Essentials

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Avoid these Mistakes in Your B&W Photos! A beautiful black & white photo will be dramatic, artistic, eye catching and richly textured. We can render any image black & white with the press of a button in any editing program. But does that ensure a beautifully rich black & white work of art? Read on […]

Having previously always considered myself a documentary-style photographer, I fell in love with landscape photography during a trip to the magnificent red centre of Australia, the Northern Territory. So now, heading out to the beach or into the bush with my camera is one of my favourite forms of creative self care. But as with […]

The 3 Landscape Photography Mistakes You Might Be Making

A Creative Outlet for Busy Mums: Kate McKenna, Student

For those of us with an artistic streak that has been inside us for a lot longer than we’ve been mothers, we know the feeling of being too busy and craving time for a creative outlet. But that’s the beauty of photography… even if you’ve only got 5 minutes, you can fill your cup without […]