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Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Hope de la Rosa   Imagine having the skills to shoot fast and confidently in any light but especially in really challenging light, and take a beautiful image at the same time, every time. Hope de la Rosa is an Advanced Grad who wanted to learn not only those skills… […]

Customer Stories – Hope de la Rosa

Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Sue Thorn After you’ve mastered correct exposure and soft light, the next step is to jump out of your comfort zone with both! And the roadmap to those next steps – which will also help you unlock your unique style – is understanding different kinds of light, how to harness […]

Customer Stories – Sue Thorn

Advanced Grad Customer Stories – Floss Butterworth   Think our photography courses are only about learning to take beautiful portraits? Well that’s part of it… but if you think that’s all you’ll learn, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The photography skills we teach are universal… by which I mean, you can apply to them to any […]

Customer Stories – Floss Butterworth

Lots of people think our photography courses only teach you how to capture beautiful portraits. And whilst it’s true that many of our students join for the sole purpose of learning how to take better photos of their kids… our lessons focus on the fundamental technical and creative skills that can be applied to virtually […]

50 Beautiful Photography Ideas When You Have No One To Shoot

How to Take Photos of Newborn Twins Taking newborn photos comes with challenges, but imagine if you had two newborns at the same time! How do you light newborn twins to avoid one casting shadows on the other? How do you pose them? What about settings and which twin do you focus on? This was […]

How to Take Photos of Your Newborn Twins

what aperture newborn photos

12 Stunning Photos Depicting Solitude This week’s highlights reel of images from our fabulous Grads are a handful of our faves from the most recent challenge, the theme of which was “solitude”. I love how our Grads used their focal length, composition or framing (or a combination of all of those skills) to convey a […]

12 Stunning Photos Depicting Solitude

dslr photography lessons

This week’s highlights reel is a gorgeous collection of images from our students in our May Enthusiast Photography Course which just graduated, and our June group who are just over the halfway mark! If you’ve ever struggled to figure out manual mode, and you’re sick of taking hundreds of shots just to fluke a couple […]

CLG Course Love – A Highlights Reel of Enthusiast Student Images

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits   Contemporary portrait photography is modern, fun and creative, often characterised by outside the box compositions, unexpected locations, experimental use of light and raw, simple posing that captivates the viewer. Bronwyn Pickering is a CLG Advanced Grad who we would describe as a master at this genre, but the truth […]

5 Secrets of Contemporary Portraits

hard light shadow photos

Click Love Grow Grads In The Frame! We mamas don’t get in photos with our kids often enough. It’s true we’re usually on the other side of the camera, but we often have a variety of other excuses as well… I haven’t done my hair, I don’t  have any make up on, I don’t have […]

21 Gorgeous Photos of Mums Getting In The Frame

creative self portrait ideas

A Highlights Reel of Inspiration We love the challenge that lays in the seeming simplicity of a colour themed photo project. Because it’s not just about incorporating the specific colour – the image also needs to be a creative and beautifully eye-catching composition. So in that way, a colour themed photo project really does stretch […]

Creative Photography Ideas: A Colour Inspired Photo Project {Purple}

how to do macro photography