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Behind the Scenes Fairy Lights Photo Tutorial Are you a Christmas lover? The excitement, the anticipation, the planning for the big day? Christmas tree fairy lights are the perfect backdrop for your holiday cards, and this tutorial will show you exactly how to make your fairy lights sparkle! As a bonus, it’s loads of fun […]

Fairy Lights Photo Tutorial

Posing & Prompts for Toddler & Newborn Photos Newborn photography is challenging enough… throw in a toddler and that’s next level! You could just pop that toddler in the frame at the absolute last second and crazily fire off a round of high speed continuous shots. Bam, done! But what if you want good photos, […]

Toddler & Newborn Photography Guide

“Will I achieve my goals if I invest in the Click Love Grow online Enthusiast Photography Course?” If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you’ve just asked yourself that very question! I want to reassure you that you will achieve your goals… and I can do that in a much more powerful way than, well, […]

Click Love Grow Online Enthusiast Photography Course Reviews

How to Use a Macro Lens to Photograph a Newborn The ultimate goal of newborn photography is capturing the essence of that little person whilst they’re still very new to the world. Because that very newness will grow and change in a heartbeat, and you want a visual record of it before it’s gone. Especially […]

Using a Macro Lens for Newborn Photography

When to Break the Rule of Thirds and Centre Your Subject The rule of thirds has a lot to answer for. It’s one of the first rules of composition we all learn, along with why we shouldn’t centre our subjects. Don’t get me wrong… there’s a reason it’s been around for a couple hundred years, […]

When to Break the Rule of Thirds

How to Photograph a Winter Landscape I’d been wanting to write a piece about photographing a winter landscape for at least a couple of years. There was only one problem… I’ve never been to an extreme wintery kinda place with my camera, and I’m not planning to any time soon! Luckily, our Click Love Grow […]

A Guide to Winter Landscape Photography

How To Export Images for Print and Web and Get perfect Results Every Time “How should I export my images from Lightroom for print and web use?” This is a question that comes up more frequently than any other question within our Click Love Grow community. So we’ve created this post to address all those […]

Lightroom Tutorial – Exporting Images for Print & Web

Kids Photography Ideas – Capturing Boys When it comes to kids photography, Dana Whitley is a Click Love Grow graduate who has a knack for capturing her boys in a candid manner. Through her un-posed photos she records their childhood in a way that communicates their essence. Her photos are universally loved in our community, […]

Kids Photography Ideas – Capturing Boys

Shadow Photography – Embracing Hard Light Hard light is much maligned in portrait photography, for various reasons. But what do you do when you can’t avoid it? Embrace it… in the form of shadow photography. It’s a thing, and it’s addictive!   Let Hard Light Be a Superstar! Those of us who love taking photos […]

Shadow Photography – Embracing Hard Light

Posing people can be one of the most challenging aspects of portrait photography. In my experience most subjects awkwardly await direction, when what I want is for them to interact naturally so I can capture their love and connection. So they need some direction, but I’m not talking about awkward, stiff poses that you’d never […]

20 Poses for Natural Photos of Kids, Families and Couples

How to Select your Aperture for Large Group Groups One of the easiest ways to improve our portraits is by creating beautiful background blur. It’s a great effect because it creates a clutter free background, which is essential in making sure our subjects pop!   You need to be shooting in manual mode to get […]

How to Select your Aperture for Large Group Photos

How to Take Confetti Photos   I’ve always wanted to try confetti photos!  They’re fun, whimsical, colourful and I knew my kids would love it!  And let’s face it… for most of us, photo sessions need to be fun for our kids to willingly participate! The end result I was going for was my daughter […]

How to Take Confetti Photos

How to Shoot in Manual Mode So you’ve bought your first DSLR and it’s not living up to your expectations. You’re taking hundreds of shots… just to fluke a few keepers. Is this where you’re at? When I bought my first DSLR, I thought there was something wrong with it. It simply didn’t live up […]

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

Our Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! Up until now our Enthusiast Photography Course students were learning the three elements of manual mode in easy bite sized chunks. This week they brought it all together to shoot in full manual mode! What does it mean to shoot in manual mode? It means taking full control of […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}

Our Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! I want to show you something that will AMAZE you! Our October Enthusiast Photography Course students are graduating this week, and we always celebrate this milestone by asking them to share a before and after photo. That is, a photo taken just before they started our course, and one […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}

Avoid These Common Mistakes and Improve your Kids Photography Do you grab the camera for every special occasion, milestone and outing, only to be disappointed when your photos don’t turn out how you imagined? Most of the time you probably can’t put your finger on why they didn’t turn out. Sound familiar? Most of the […]

The Top 5 Kids Photography Mistakes

New to Macro Photography? Start Here! Our Click Love Grow graduates often ask “I want to try macro photography, but I don’t know where to start”. It’s a genre that requires specialist equipment, and different settings than what you might be used to. So it’s understandable why a lot of people don’t know where to […]

Macro Photography Beginners Guide

Our Weekly Highlights Reel of Inspiration! This week in our October Enthusiast Photography Course our students got out of their comfort zone and tried their hand at landscapes and storytelling photography. Some of the photos were so amazing it was hard to believe they’re new to it! Over in our November Enthusiast course, students took […]

Our Top Ten {Click Love Grow Highlights Reel}