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How to Shoot in Manual Mode So you’ve bought your first DSLR and it’s not living up to your expectations. You’re taking hundreds of shots… just to fluke a few keepers. Is this where you’re at? When I bought my first DSLR, I thought there was something wrong with it. It simply didn’t live up […]

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

shooting in manual mode dslr

It’s graduation time in our June Enthusiast Photography Course, so this week’s highlights reel is a gorgeous collection of images from some of our graduating students! It’s hard to believe but each set of images were taken just 8 weeks apart which is a really powerful visual of what can be achieved in such a […]

Graduation Time… A Stunning Collection of Before & After Student Photos

A Step-by-Step Guide For Shooting A Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session The biggest appeal of lifestyle photography lies in capturing the beauty and authenticity of real life. It’s a style we see a lot among our Click Love Grow graduates.  That’s why, when we decided to write a guide on how to shoot a lifestyle newborn […]

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Guide

lifestyle newborn photography

There’s an excited buzz in the air with CLG Celebration Week just around the corner… a week of live lessons and fun challenges designed to get you motivated, shooting and learning new techniques! It’s also a time when we celebrate our wonderful grads and their achievements, and invite them to share stories about their photography […]

Bria’s Golden Ticket with CLG

Do you ever feel like you’ve run out of things to capture? It often coincides with the kids getting sick of having their photo taken! But that’s the perfect time to step back, wait, and keep your eye out for the simple joys of life and childhood, the kind that brings pure joy to the […]

23 Photos Depicting Life’s Simple Joys

I truly believe that as a mum, having a hobby that’s just for me makes me a better mum. How? When I spend a little time by myself with my camera – and sometimes all it takes is 15 minutes taking photos in the backyard – it helps me de-stress and recentre myself, enabling me […]

Student Case Study – Keziah Krikmann

B&W portrait of a young boy against a white wall

None of us were born into this world with a camera in hand, taking awesome photos (that would be a bit weird anyway)! We all start somewhere, and we all make mistakes when we’re learning. And since I started teaching photography back in 2013, I’ve noticed there’s a handful of mistakes being made by all […]

Are You Making These 5 Rookie Photographer Mistakes?

If you’ve ever wondered what you need to learn in order to be a good photographer, it’s just these three things: The ability to shoot in manual mode; An understanding of good light; and Knowledge of the compositional tools you can use to create visually strong and well balanced images. The Enthusiast Photography Course eliminates […]

CLG Course Love – A Highlights Reel of Enthusiast Student Images

I love to take photos of my kids at the park – which is just as well given how much time we spend there! But sometimes my kids photography feels a bit same old, same old, and my toddler loves bubbles. So every now and then, we mix things up a little with some bubble […]

Kids Photography – Bubble Photos

toddler boy chasing bubbles

Have you ever thought about photography courses but as a mum you could never find the time? “One day” is what you probably keep telling yourself. But here’s the thing, most of our students are mums. And they all say our flexible learning format made it easy for them to fit the learning in between […]

Student Case Study – Deanna Large

When it comes to grads photography for a senior girl, the most beautiful images are the ones where the subject is relaxed and comfortable, because this is where her personality and spirit will shine. CLG grad and family photographer Kellee Kromarek Hann is a master of grads photography, with a seemingly endless list of posing […]

Grads Photography – Posing & Prompts for a Senior Girl

We’re loving the fall pictures being shared by our northern hemisphere friends. So this week’s highlights reel is a collection of deliciously rich fall pictures by CLG Grads and Instructors, complete with some handy tips so you can get out and play! Enjoy! Pumpkins Obviously, an article about fall photography has to open with pumpkins! […]

Tips & Inspo for Fabulous Fall Pictures

girl on a fence with autumn trees

This week’s highlights reel is a colourful collection of our fave images taken from the Grad’s Group challenge album, the theme of which was Complementary Colour Pop. Using the colour wheel as inspiration is a fantastic compositional tool! Complementary colours are are opposite one another on the colour wheel, and when you use them together […]

15 Stunning Photos Using Complementary Colour