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How to Shoot in Manual Mode So you’ve bought your first DSLR and it’s not living up to your expectations. You’re taking hundreds of shots… just to fluke a few keepers. Is this where you’re at? When I bought my first DSLR, I thought there was something wrong with it. It simply didn’t live up […]

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

shooting in manual mode dslr

It’s been another epic week of stunning images over in our private Grads Group, and as always, it’s been hard to narrow it down to just a few to share in our Monday Highlights Reel! This week, we’re celebrating connection. Connection exists almost everywhere we look – between parent and child, between siblings, between lovers, […]

Highlights Reel – 26 Gorgeous Photos Capturing Connection

father and toddler son embracing

Have you taken a look at your camera’s dial lately? There are so many options you’d be forgiven for switching it to Auto or even reaching for your camera phone at times because it just feels a little too overwhelming! Our blog post today will help tackle the AV and TV dial codes, explain what […]

Explaining AV & TV Setting Modes On Your Camera

setting the av and tv modes on camera

20 Unposed Cute Couple Poses For Natural Photos Couple poses can be one of the most challenging aspects of portrait photography. In my experience, most subjects awkwardly await direction when what I want is for them to interact naturally so I can capture their love and connection. However, this also applies to family, friends and […]

20 People & Couple Poses Ideas For Natural Photos

hugging couple poses for the photo

This gorgeous collection is our Monday tradition and a chance for us to show off our Grads, as we’re really proud of their mad skills and creative artistry! So every week we go for a wander in our private Grad’s Group and curate our favourite photos shared on the wall. I hope you’re inspired to […]

Highlights Reel of Gorgeous Grad Photos

Today we’ve got 12 fantastic summer photo ideas for kids photography! We wrote this blog post especially for our northern hemisphere friends (lucky ducks!), featuring photo ideas for kids that embrace the outdoors and all the warmth, colour and fun that summer has to offer! Be inspired by the stunning collection of vibrant portraits taken […]

Kids Photography – 12 Fun Summer Photo Ideas

The latest round of our Advanced Course just wrapped up last week, and I’m excited to share with you this gorgeous highlights reel of some of the absolutely STUNNING images that were shared during the course! Together, they created and submitted more than 2000 images! I’m so proud of how far they’ve come in their […]

CLG Course Love – A Highlights Reel of Stunning Advanced Student Images

two young children running along the beach at golden hour

I’m thrilled to see quite a few amazing landscape and macro images coming from Grads last week, which we’ve featured alongside some especially beautiful portraits awash with bold colour and delicious light! Please enjoy this collection and congrats if you were featured!     Join my new workshop and learn How to Shoot Pro-Quality Photos […]

Highlights Reel – 15 Inspiring Grad Photos

Who needs a fancy camera with all the confusing buttons and dials when phone cameras are so great these days? Blurry backgrounds, face recognition, portrait mode, landscape mode… phones with 3 cameras for goodness sake! But here’s the thing… no matter how feature packed they become, you still don’t have full creative control. Also, the […]

Click Love Grow Customer Story – Nicoleta Philpot

Are you thinking about launching your own photography business but not quite sure where to start? (And perhaps not feeling confident enough as yet?) Or perhaps you’re a photographer already running your own business, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out and you don’t know how to turn things around? You’ve seen plenty of people […]

The 5 Things You ‘Need’ To Start a Photography Business

When I went searching for photos that jump out at me to feature in our Highlights Reel of Grad photos next week, I couldn’t help but notice an abundance of gorgeous baby and toddler portraits. And so it was this week’s Highlights Reel is themed around exactly that, with some tips for capturing them for […]

Highlights Reel – 12 Baby & Toddler Portrait Tips for Beginners