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We Love Blurry Backgrounds {Lesson Three}

This week in our Enthusiast Photography Course is always excitement plus as our students get to flick the switch… that is, switch their cameras out of auto! We start with aperture, one of three elements of exposure.

So what is aperture? As well as being one of three ways to get light into our photos, it is also responsible for those blurry backgrounds we all love in photos!

It’s always a challenge to take that first step in manual mode, but our students always say their excitement at discovering they can control the look of their images far outweighs the nerves!

Their challenge was to produce two images, using aperture to create one with a blurry background and one with everything in focus, whilst achieving the same exposure in each shot.

We were amazed to see there wasn’t a single image in the challenge folder that didn’t nail matching exposures. Check out a handful of our favourites, we’re very proud of their work!

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Mimi Ghisellini

how to shoot on manual settings

Catherine Long

learn aperture

Shannon Murray

how to get blurry backgrounds in photos

Floss Butterworth

dslr photography classes online

Marcela Massey

online dslr photography lessons

Melanie Fidanza

dslr photography

Pam Telfer

dslr photography for beginners

Paula Fuller

dslr for beginners

Rachel Martin

dslr manual mode

Simone Newman

learn manual settings on dslr

Suzie Bell

learn manual mode

Tiffany Bell


We’ll be sharing a handful of our favourites every week throughout our course, to celebrate our students’ achievements. If you’d also like to start improving your photography and take photos you love – check out our Free 7 Day Photography Challenge that you can jump into straight away!






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