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We Love Photography! {Lesson Eight}

We have a brand new round of graduates from our latest Enthusiast Photography Course which just finished up this week!

They now have full control of their DSLRs and they’re taking beautiful photos, mindfully and purposefully!

We’re so proud of how far they came, and as always we celebrate their graduation by asking them to share before and after the course photos so they can see how far they advanced!

We’ve just welcomed them into our graduate group where we look forward to seeing them continue their photographic journey alongside their new Click Love Grow friends!

Angela Brown

photography courses for beginners

Dawn Haley Laughlin

Carolyn Schultz

DSLR photography lessons

Gulnaz Shakirova Mortensen

How to Shoot in manual mode

Caroline Thomas

Amber Taube

Suzie Bell

Dee McMahon

Pam Telfer

Simone Newman

Samantha Whittome Ward

Terial Quirarte

Karen Skewes

Rachel Martin

Rachelle Pascua Winkler

Paula Fuller

Jennifer Zall




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